Google Will Soon Be Storing Patients' Health Records

Feb 22, 2008 • 10:06 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Yahoo News reports that Google will be storing patients' medical records while testing a health service. Health profiles will include prescriptions, allergies, and medical histories, and will be password-protected just as your Google Account is.

Naturally, this is having a backlash since it's Google, after all, and it's privacy. But some forum members suggest that the reaction would have been different if the company storing your medical history was not Google. Others feel that this is a bad idea overall and even if it wasn't Google, they'd disapprove.

But some point out that this is an opt-in only program, so your health records won't be available unless you want them to be.

For those who have opted in, however, there is raising concern that this is tied to your Google password, and Google doesn't encourage separate passwords for any of their accounts.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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02/25/2008 10:27 am

This is a shocking proposition. The idea that an already powerfull organisation will have access to people's private information is outrageous. What next, will they be issuing chips?


02/25/2008 10:45 am

As the movie Zeitgeist has predicted, soon everybody will have chips, at first because it will be more convenient, but later they would use it to control us.

Austin Lee

08/19/2008 03:02 am

The intent is good. The risks of abuse are large. Bottomline, let the early adopters trial this. Getting personal health records online will ultimately be a good thing. Austin

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