February '08 Google Sitelinks Update

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There are a bunch of reports that Google has completed a Sitelinks update. More sites that never had these links, now have them. Again, the links below a search results are called Sitelinks. Many sites have 8, but you can have less. Here is a screen shot of our Sitelinks.

Google Sitelinks Update

Now, you can also access via Google Webmaster Tools Links section. But they are not always in sync with the live Sitelinks. The last large update was around December 2007.

The first reports came via WebmasterWorld on February 16th, but more reports came rolling in at DigitalPoint Forums yesterday via Dave.

Hope you got your Sitelinks!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums.

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Kevin Gibbons

02/22/2008 01:19 pm

I noticed a couple of weeks ago we (and a few clients) had sitelinks in Google Webmaster Central but these aren't appearing for brand searches yet. It certainly looks like there's a big update under way.


02/22/2008 02:11 pm

w00t! New site showing too : )


02/22/2008 02:13 pm

1 of my sites only lists the site links if you put the entire domain name in LOL.. As in with the www. and the .co.uk BUGGER

No Name

02/28/2008 09:34 pm

God report here! We have NEW SEO BLOG too :)


03/11/2008 06:54 am

One my arcade site got 4 sitelink, though the keyword is not competitive and the backlink are not that great since most link are coming from bookmark site.

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