Is There Anything Wrong With Reciprocal Linking?

Feb 21, 2008 • 9:26 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

We've asked this a lot, but it happens to be a question that concerns a lot of webmasters. A webmaster specifically notices that he's been unable to get links now but it was a lot easier back in 2004 and believes it may be because of the search engines penalizing him.

Google Webmaster Central rep JohnMu chimes in to say that it depends how valuable the reciprocal link is.

I think the not-so-simple answer to this question is "would you do that if search engines didn't exist?"

If you link to a site and they decide to link back to you (perhaps even for an unrelated reason), those links may be providing value to your visitors and they may well be important to your site. However, just "exchanging links" for the sake of exchanging links (or even just as an attempt to influence search engines) is likely not to be that important to your visitors and for your site in general.

If you're doing it to manipulate the search rankings, it's not a good idea. If it's because value is being provided, by all means, go for it.

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No Name

02/22/2008 01:23 am

Trading links was maybe something that webmasters might have gone after a few years ago to build up their backlinks, these days I never need to even consider recip links with all the ways an individual can get backlinks to their site or blog.

Bart Gibby

02/22/2008 05:55 pm

I really appreciate the "would you do that if search engines didn't exist?" question. That is a great check and balance question. When I get a client who wants to rank for a key phrase that I question. Such as a private company wanted to be ranked for a government specific search term like "the bureau of land management" or "California State government website". I usually ask my self "If I was searching for [insert key phrase], would I want to be given [insert client URL] as a search result?"

No Name

02/24/2008 02:27 pm

their is no harm in exchanging links with other sites, but there are a lot of easier ways to get links other than exchanges.

Jacques Snyman

02/24/2008 07:39 pm

Modest reciprocal linking is good, esp to high PR pages

No Name

02/25/2008 10:19 am

Link Exchanging is good in moderaton.

No Name

02/25/2008 07:10 pm

I have heard that reciprical linking is ok as long as you link exchange with high ranking websites. Commenting on Blogs, forums and submitting articles is far better for your site.

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