Survival of the Small Webmaster in a World of Link Building

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If you've been following the paid links debate and related linking news, you're probably wondering what to do next. A webmaster says that he's ruled out reciprocal linkings for two reasons: he's seen people get penalized and he's also aware that many smarter webmasters don't like the idea of reciprocal linking. It's also very difficult to reach webmasters nowadays. And of course, the paid links debate just makes it more problematic to get any links at all.

All hope is not lost, though. One member says that reciprocal links are not all penalized. It depends on the relevancy of the sites, of course. Use caution when doing a link exchange. As a suggestion:

Natural / low volume link exchange is alive and well and will not be penalized as long as you:

- Maintain edtorial discretion always (avoid full duplex software and services that force you to link without your explicit approval) - Link with quality sites relavant to your site that will benefit your end users experience. - Keep your volume slow and natural. That means do not use full duplex software or services that force you to link with many sites in a short period of time. "Natural" means you obtain three links today, none tomorrow, one the next day, none for the next four days, three the next day, none for the next week, two the next day and so on. The search engines are trending how often you obtain links. Show an unnatural trend and you may be penalized. Show a natural trend and your site will thrive.

Just avoid the excess and you should be fine. However, you need to be committed to the task. Link building is not easy.

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02/19/2008 03:43 pm

I have found article marketing to be extremely beneficial, it is also free!


02/20/2008 02:25 am

Great info. Just starting out and dont want to make any blunders! Whats you take on purchasing traffic? useful or detrimental?


02/20/2008 03:04 am

Yes it is, link building nowadays is not easy. Build links naturally with relevancy. I been that situation where it's too hard to reach those webmasters but you need to have patience on this things,indeed link building is a tedious process.

Michael Martinez

02/20/2008 05:11 pm

People who want to use link trades to help build their link profile should use the front-page test to decide whether they are willing to swap with a potential partner. Ask yourself: Is this Web site something I would be happy to link to prominently from my front page? Would it be useful to my visitors? If you cannot answer "yes" you have no reason to swap links with the other site. If you can find a way to embed your swapped links in relevant content, you should. It's better to do the swapping through natural content creation rather than through an email or telephone conversation.

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