Can You Stay Away from Search News for 24 Hours?

Jan 18, 2008 • 8:54 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

On her blog, DazzlinDonna proposes a plan that some people think is unfathomable: stay away from search news for 24 hours. Her argument is that if you avoid the news, you might actually be able to get things done.

The question is: can you do it? If so, do it today.

The discussion moves over to Sphinn where most, if not all of the forum participants, believe that they cannot step away from their computers and avoid search-related news. It just seems too difficult.

In a way, I can relate to that. If I avoid reading blogs for 24 hours, I have over 2500 new posts to read and I don't give them the attention they deserve. That's why I'm checking my feed reader constantly.

(Oh, and if you vowed to participate, why are you reading this?!)

Maybe Donna will just have to form a support group.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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Matt Cutts

01/18/2008 04:52 pm

I highly recommend it. I went offline for ~5 days earlier this month, and it helps remind you that there's life outside of the intarwebz. :)

Barry Schwartz

01/18/2008 05:00 pm

Don't say such things!

Maria P.

01/20/2008 04:46 am

I don't read but the most favorable and important feeds during the week and I get more done. On the weekends I sift through hundreds of unread items to find the best stuff.

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