The Position 6 Google Penalty?

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WebmasterWorld administrator, tedster, has compiled the feedback of the December 2007 Google SERP Changes thread, which we covered earlier in a new WebmasterWorld thread. In this thread, he says there is a pattern of reports he has been noticing where webmasters are reporting that their rankings have dropped for some searches from a position two to a position six.

Tedster summarizes his findings:

  1. Well established site with a long history.
  2. Long time good rankings for a big search term - usually #1
  3. Other searches that returned the same url at #1 may also be sent to #6, but not all of them
  4. Some reports of a #2 result going to #6.

He explains that most the reports say it is not site wide but rather search term specific. Plus, he adds that is seems to be off-page related and not on-page related. That means, he believes the cause for such a "position 6 penalty" is caused by linkage reasons and not your on-page SEO.

Is there something to this new "Position 6 Google Penalty?" Is this just an excuse for some holiday forum chatter? Let the forum discussion continue...

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Joe Griffin

12/27/2007 10:29 pm

It's probably a -5 ranking penalty. Google has several ranking filters. We know of a -20 or -25 filter, -100 filter, and the -950. Yahoo! does the same thing, but different filter ranges.

Matt Cutts

12/29/2007 06:28 am

Hmm. I'm not aware of anything that would exhibit that sort of behavior.

Jaan Kanellis

12/29/2007 04:56 pm

Matt are you saying your not aware of any of the filters mentioned above?

Azhar Iqbal

01/01/2008 06:02 am

Well, i have experienced such search behaviours in past... It might be few filters or it might be none (like matt said)! But something about lack of off page optimization affects it.


01/18/2008 03:33 pm

Perdonad que escriba en español pero no se inglés Tengo esta web era primero en "coches de importacion" y he pasado al sexto puesto. ¿Será esto penalización posición 6? cuales son los motivos de esta penalización? que puedo hacer mara modificarlo?


01/26/2008 11:02 am

Great Information. Goolge consistently seems to be growing and adjusting. The strange thing is I have held the #1 spot longstanding with google on a keyword for no apparent reason I was bumped off. Where did I go. HMMM and why. Google Seems to be consistently testing us seo'ers. Thanks for this info Megan

Jacques Snyman

01/26/2008 06:15 pm

Have you run an analysis on the sites that are now ranked ahead of you? Perhaps your competition has one-upped you, and you gotta go and figure out why.

David Marx

01/26/2008 06:19 pm

The pages ranked ahead of you, are they johnny come lately's or established competitors of yours?


01/29/2008 10:07 am

It seems Matt found the glitch and rolled it back:


10/20/2008 09:25 pm

I've wondered about the "specific term" idea. I was previously under the impression that penalties would be site wide, but there seems to be mounting evidence that specific terms can be penalized.


11/01/2008 09:31 am

What is the fastest way to lift google penalty?


06/18/2009 12:21 pm

we also one site penalized in Google -30 penalty, but still we are struggling to recover from it. give me some more tips so that we can lift it from Google serp.

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