Forums are Web 1.0, Blogs are Web 2.0

Nov 16, 2007 • 10:34 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Social Search Engines & Optimization

Well, not quite, but forum members are noticing that people are shifting their focus away from forums and into blogs. Do forums have to adapt?

Not necessarily. Some forum members are not yet embracing the blogosphere. The audiences may stay the same.

And so, many think that forums can still coexist with blogs and newer social media. RuudHein adds the following:

By nature, I believe, all social media, including forums, are complementary.

Forum administrators often grapple with this problem. The discussion prompted Cre8asite administrator Kim Krause Berg to blog about it. Jill Whalen of High Rankings forums believes that both can coexist as well, as they're quite similar in what they offer:

But I really don't see forums as all that different from blogs that allow commenting.

Still, some people, like Barry Welford, do:

If you want a discussion with like-minded people, then a forum is the place to go. Social media sites like Digg, or even Sphinn, are like a whitewater river. There is little time to stop and look around. That isn't at all the nature of a successful forum.

Some people will move onto blogs, and others will stick with forums. Yet others will mix and match. There's nothing wrong with that, and forums don't appear to be going obsolete anytime soon. (If they would, Search Engine Roundtable would too, right? We only cover forum discussion, after all!)

Forum discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums and Sphinn.

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Eric Martindale

11/16/2007 08:17 pm

It certainly is a struggle to build a community with the Web 2.0 mantra (bubble?) these days. I run a growing forum at <a href="">RolePlayGateway Role Playing Games</a>, but our community is barely aware of the blogosphere. However, nearly 80% of our members read blogs on at least a weekly basis, but it is not becoming a substitute for real community (yet).

David Saunders

11/18/2007 02:15 pm

Blogs imo are more interesting and less confrontational

Tad Chef

11/19/2007 07:55 am

Why decide? You can have both with services like Ning. And more.

Loke Hansen

11/19/2007 08:42 am

I personally feel that forums often provider a deeper look into the topics i visit compared to blogs with related keywords / topics. Blogs remind me of fastfood forums ;) ( but i really do love them both )

Eric Frei

11/19/2007 12:11 pm

Forums are about building a community with like minded people. It's about contributing and being involved. I liken Blogs to some-one standing at the pulpit delivering their sermon and if you care enough you might (if it's enabled) have a comment but not really a discussion. Forums are user friendly and feature rich, easy to post and add pics, smilies, download, print and participate on. I do run both but by far the forum is like a party active and vibrant whilst the blog is like the library and ya on ya own.

No Name

11/20/2007 06:05 am

I don't think that blogs can substitute forums. The two are quite different also, blogs are more individualistic while forums tend to promote a sense of community. Patrick

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