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When you look at the Internet, a lot of people either have concerns, want to get questions answered, but they never talk about when a company goes above and beyond. Perhaps that's because companies don't typically go the extra mile.

But in one case, Yahoo! did. And a forum member at DigitalPoint Forums wants everyone to know.

I do advertising (PPC) with both Google and Yahoo. the other day I got a call from a customer service agent at Yahoo making sure that everthing was running ok and that i was happy with the results.

He calls Yahoo's customer service simply "awesome." If only other companies would go out of their way to make sure the end user is happy. (Google, for example, does not.) :)

Yahoo has gone out of their way before. When we reported about the block domain feature just a few weeks ago, Yahoo ended up calling a concerned user and spoke to them for "about an hour."

Yahoo's extra attention to improving the user experience is only a good thing. Keep up the good work.

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Andrew Goodman

11/15/2007 02:52 pm

Hi Tamar, In my opinion, both Google and Yahoo do this about equally. Customer service has improved significantly in recent years. It's also worth pointing out, of course, that customer service is intrinsically linked to sales (selling more).

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2007 03:19 pm

Andrew, nice having confirmation from you on this. :) Barry


11/15/2007 08:56 pm

Good to hear they got a good rep. Seems to be luck-of-the-draw most times.


11/15/2007 09:07 pm

I my case it was the exact opposite. Most of the time I couldn't ever get my Yahoo rep on the phone and he would respond to emails a week later, that was until of course I tried calling him and the number was no longer in service. Would have been nice if they had let me know they switched offices. All in all I think it is six of on 1/2 dozen of the other, and ultimately depends on the rep them self, not the company.

Adrienne Doss

11/16/2007 05:40 pm

I'm always surprised when I hear stories like this. I've been the webmaster for a Yahoo Store for about 4 years now, and the PPC manager for our Yahoo ads a bit longer. I can say without exaggeration that 99% of the interactions I have had with Yahoo's customer service have been disappointing. At best. Google's customer service doesn't *always* please me, but most of the time I'm happy with them. Their help files are generally good enough that I rarely need customer service anyway.


11/19/2007 11:06 am

I was very surprised to see this post as it's something I have thought of a lot. I am managing campaigns with Adwords, YSM and Adcenter for over 2 years, and literally everyday get in contact with the above reps, but Yahoo!'s were always top-notch. I regret to hear that others have had bad experience with them, it never happened to me.

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