Google AdWords Diagnostic Tool Bug

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There are wide spread reports that Google AdWords Ad Diagnostic Tool is on the fritz.

Many advertisers are noticing that the tool is reporting that their ads are not showing for one reason or another but yet the ad is actually displaying in the Google results.

Here is a screen capture of what you might see by mousing over one of your keywords in AdWords:

AdWords Diagnostic Tool Bug

Notice, it says your ad is not showing, because "this keyword is not permitted to show your ads in the targeted location."

But yet, the ad is showing on and on the Ad Preview Tool.

AdWordsAdvisor confirmed this is an issue Google is aware of and working on:

Many thanks to all for the heads up. ;)

Engineering is aware of this, and is taking a close look. In the meantime, one may use the Ad Preview tool to confirm the appearance of one's ads.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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11/08/2007 06:30 am

Speaking of Google Adwords, they have made two major modifications to their business model today. They have re-instituted the <i> PAY PER IMPRESSION </i>option as well as removing the entire hyperlink from the sponsor link box - just the listings have links. Possibly, they are limiting the Adwords sponsors to two listing again - this was the max that came up on many searches that showed three in the past. More info here:

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