Are Seach Engine Optimization Professionals Better Searchers?

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Cre8asite Forums moderator eKstreme asked in a Cre8asite Forums thread, "Are SEOs better searchers?"

Wow, what an excellent question!

I think SEOs have to be better searchers. Why? We know how search engines work, at least we know more about how search engines work when compared to normal searchers. Don't you think Matt Cutts at Google is a better searcher than most SEOs even? He really knows how Google works, more than SEOS. But SEOs know how search engines work more than normal searchers.

  • How often do you find yourself using quotes in your searches?
  • How often do yourself scanning the paid listings when you are looking to buy things?
  • How often do you use site operators in your searches?
  • How often do you use time based operators?
  • The list goes on, allinanchor, allintitle, special file operators, etc...

We know how to find things things that the ordinary searcher may not be able to find. Of course, it is the search engines goal to make sure the searcher finds what he or she is looking for ever time. So it may not be all that important to be "a better searcher" these days then it was back in the Alta Vista days.

But when it comes down to it.

  • I know when to use a generic search engine versus a speciality search engine.
  • I know when to use special operators and when to let the search engine do the work.
  • I know when to disregard the paid search ads and when to focus on them.
  • I know when to consult Gary Price for help and when not to

What an excellent topic!

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Michael Martinez

10/24/2007 03:37 pm

Experienced SEOs probably do run a lot of queries but I think everyone's search ability is improving. After all, we've been using search engines and tools for ten years or more. Search is a lot like other software applications. SEOs need to be one step ahead of the general public, but the general public is getting better. I was surprised to read how many experience search frustration. I honestly thought it might just be me and my fellow SEOs. I think search frustration is an indicator of how sophisticated searchers have become.

Lucas Ng

10/26/2007 01:20 am

As MM states, there is still a lot of searcher frustration. Using operators to filter and refine queries is one thing, but the ability of SEOs to marry a searcher's mindset to a website's actual content is what makes us better searchers. We understand both 'languages' and are naturally better interpreters.

Patti Fousek

10/26/2007 01:46 pm

As a professional SEO, it is hard to not use your knowledge of search engines and keywords when doing your own searches. However, whenever I am reviewing a clients website for SEO, I look at it from a general visitor perspective. If I didn't, then I couldn't do my job effectively. After all, our job is to help our clients website be found by their target visitor, not other SEOs.

Elmer W. Cagape

10/30/2007 03:01 am

I think SEOs are better search performers. They know which phrases yield better results at lesser refinements. Yes, the general public also got accustomed to search engines as it's been doing so for the past several years. So no doubt, more and more people are becoming sophisticated searchers, not just SEOs.

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