Will Google Protect Your Privacy?

Oct 23, 2007 • 9:30 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Another Google privacy discussion has emerged as a result of a Times Online article:

Google’s overall goal is to have a record of every e-mail we have ever written, every contact whose details we have recorded, every file we have created, every picture we have taken and saved, every appointment we have made, every website we have visited, every search query we have typed into its home page, every ad we have clicked on, and everything we have bought online. It wants to know and record where we have been and, thanks to our search history of airlines, car-hire firms and MapQuest, where we are going in the future and when.

Right now, Google says you can opt in and that your data is protected. But in a few years time, will the same board members make the same decisions? Probably not. Forum members fear a change in regime when that may occur. So what can be done? One member suggests that there be another search engine that lures people away from Google. This could be Ask.com, perhaps.

But for those concerned about privacy, there are two options: create multiple accounts for multiple purposes, or don't sign up for Google accounts at all. The former seems a little complicated.

And all this time, I'm wondering that if Google really wants my data, when is Gmail going to have unlimited storage? ;)

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld and Sphinn.

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Jonathan Dingman

10/23/2007 05:38 pm

I believe they certainly will <strong>not</strong> protect it. Google will happily hand over any information to the government. I don't trust Google nearly as much as I used to.

Andrea Cannavina

10/24/2007 01:43 pm

Google is not a safe bet for any information! Along with being handed over to the government, there is no assurance of privacy for anything you load on their servers. From what I understand, Google can and does track, compile and otherwise use your information for their own purposes -- which at this point is mostly marketing and targeting ads to you. Let's face it - you get what you pay for and if you want security - for goodness sake, don't use Google! Andrea Cannavina, MVA LegalTypist, Inc. http://www.legaltypist.com P.S. I don't know who I'm more concerned with - Google or Microsoft -- one controls the web world, the other most of the PCs connecting to it! ;)


11/16/2007 03:05 pm

No way you can trust google or any of their applications. I have been using their web analytics tool for website analysis. And I am damm sure they are using every bit of it to their advantage. They should change their motto from "don't do evil" to "don't do evil, that is our exclusive right". Not even a year back, I used to hold this company in very high esteem, now it just seems to be a profit personal motive driven company will sole index on their share value. Alas, so many of these companies have it as the start of their downfall. All together, Not recommended!

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