Huge Drop in Google AdSense Revenue This Month?

Oct 8, 2007 • 7:19 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

There are many reporting huge drops in the average revenue they have been earning this month from Google AdSense. A DigitalPoint Forums thread has several AdSense publishers complaining in the decline in revenues.

Some see $30 per day reductions, some see $20 reductions, some are seeing worse.

Is it smart pricing at its best or just overall revenue share declines? Or maybe it is something about the quality of those sites in the AdSense network?

Forum discussion DigitalPoint Forums.

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10/08/2007 04:52 pm

Oh comeon Rusty, its just the end of the quarter and Goog is obviously keeping in more % of the revenue to themselves to boost their numbers, isnt it too obvious?!?!

Jordan McClements

10/10/2007 09:22 am

It is true - My revenue is at 40% of what it was last month (AND traffic and clicks have gone up!)


03/25/2008 06:49 pm

Everybody should do what I did. Since most of the ads are for products with affiliate programs, join up and write your own ads for the product and make them look similar to Google or Yahoo ads. They have your affiliate link in the ad. You may not get Googles dime, but you will get more affiliate sales and you can write better ads ;)

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