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How does one rank in the Google Image Search Engine? A Cre8asite Forums member asks this question and a bunch of good advice is dispensed.

For one, filename, alt text, and surrounding text is important.

EGOL says that while on-page elements are important, rankings are also driven by searcher interest in the image. The more times it's accessed for a particular search phrase, the more likely it is relevant for the search.

The Google Webmaster Central blog shares some useful tips: don't put the bulk of your text in images, take advantage of ALT tags (but don't overload it), and look at the image-to-text ratio on your page.

Other resources: Search Engine Placement using Google Image Search and Optimizing Images for Search Engines.

Forum discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums.

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Tad Chef

09/27/2007 02:28 pm

The title and h1 heading of the page the image is on is crucial.


09/28/2007 10:20 am

The recent thing that makes your Images come on top of Image SERPS I have noticied are the backlinks to the image paths: Example: http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif Using an anchor text relevant to the image.. This actually pushes the image to the top-serps..Try it.. worth getting tons of traffic ;) Backlinks from other sites pointing to:


09/28/2007 10:22 am

Ahem.. Didnt meant to drop a link.. Youcan actually make the link dead..Was an xample..


09/28/2007 11:50 am

Enhanced Image Search: If you choose to enable enhanced image search, at Google Webmaster Tool then Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels that will improve indexing and search quality of those images.

Jordan McClements

09/28/2007 02:33 pm

Here is a comprehensive SEO For Images List I compiled in July 2007 :- http://money-from-photos.blogspot.com/2007/07/seo-for-images-search-engine.html


10/31/2009 01:20 pm

If you want to track your images keywords, add the Extra Section below at the end of your awstats.your-domain-name.conf configuration file. ExtraSectionName1="Hits on Images" ExtraSectionCodeFilter1="200 304" ExtraSectionCondition1="URL,\.(png|gif|jpe?g)$" ExtraSectionFirstColumnTitle1="Image" ExtraSectionFirstColumnValues1="URL,^(\/.*\.(png|gif|jpe?g))$" ExtraSectionFirstColumnFormat1="%s" ExtraSectionStatTypes1=HBL ExtraSectionAddSumRow1=1 MaxNbOfExtra1=10 MinHitExtra1=1 Replace www.your_site.com by the address of your site. Got this tip from http://www.internetofficer.com/awstats/hits-on-images/ Karuna

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