Does Google Ban Parked Domain Sites?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks if Google penalizes or blacklists domains that are parked domains. A parked domain is a domain that has little to no content on it, that is basically a in limbo and is just sitting idle with possibly ads on them and not much more.

The majority of folks in the thread say that Google does not penalize a domain that is a parked domain. It may not rank well for reasons such as not having many links to the page or not having much content on the page, but for being a parked domain - that alone most likely will not penalize or blacklist the site.

In fact, Tedster said Google helps monetize parked domains with Domain Park. It is a Google AdSense product for parked domains. Domain park is a very controversial Google product, but that is for another debate.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/25/2008 05:55 am

if you have a parked domain im willing to click on yours if you click on mine.... join our group if your willing to spend time helping others we will help you... Email me at subject: clickpool with no more than your web address, i will send you a list of sites... this is not a get rich quick every one in the group has to work hard.

No Name

02/25/2008 10:17 am

I agree you can't penalise or blacklist something that isn't there, in theory its just a name thats being parked.


05/28/2009 10:04 am

I agree with the majority that you have to forget about ranking for parked domains. Parked domains are useful if you have 500 or more domains

No Name

08/05/2010 12:55 pm

When you think of a good domain name, you buy it so later down the road you can create a site for it or sell it for a profit. It is a way to make money, so Google shouldn't penalize others for it. Besides, this is not blackhat at all.

dich thuat

05/16/2011 02:03 am

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08/11/2011 06:05 pm

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Adam Clarke

11/07/2011 06:45 am

Really it should not ban them maybe they just never made it onto the index. 


05/07/2012 01:29 pm

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