Google Does Not Have a Set Limit on Keywords Per Campaign

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If you have ever run into a problem with your Google AdWords account getting too big for Google, we have suggested that you call your Google representative.

A new Google Groups thread has some more insight into how Google determines an account's keyword limit.

Google AdWords representative, AdWordsPro, explained it can vary based on both "tenure of the account" and the success of the advertiser to utilize the keywords in his or her account over time.

Most new accounts get a limit of about "15,000 keywords for the entire account, inclusive of all campaigns," said AdWordsPro. But that can be increased based on the criteria mentioned above.

In short, keyword limits are set by "account level" and can vary greatly based on that information.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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09/04/2007 08:33 pm

There are also no real limits on the quantity of active ad groups you can have within one campaign. Adwords Help Center states that you can only have 100--however we have multiple campaigns with 250+ active ad groups that our Adwords reps waived the limitation on for us.

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