How to Check if a Site Passes Link Popularity

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks if there is a way to tell if a particular site or page is able to pass PageRank. In more global terms, is there a way to check if a particular site or page is able to pass link popularity?

There is not always a clear way to check if a page is able to pass link popularity. However, there are many signs you can use to check this.

However, you must keep in mind that many believe that search engines are able to define specific block elements of a page and then block links from those areas. So if a site has an ad section, the search engine can identify that section and decide that those paid advertisements do not deserve to pass any link popularity. That being said, what signs can a person use to see if a page will likely not pass link popularity?


  • Is that page indexed in the search engine?
  • Does the page have toolbar PageRank?
  • Does the page have inbound links?
  • Are outgoing links from that page found in a link command at Yahoo from the reciprocating page?
  • Does that page rank well for unique text found on the page in the search engine?

Those are just some signs you can use at your own discretion to tell if a page is capable of passing link popularity.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

08/31/2007 05:36 pm

None of those tests are valid. The only way to tell if a link passes value is to see if it passes anchor text.

Barry Schwartz

08/31/2007 06:09 pm

They are not completely invalid. They are all signals. But if you are able to do an anchor text test, that would be optimal - but very hard to do on a page you do not have access to modify.


09/01/2007 02:44 pm

Futile, at present, to comment here as, all else ignored for now, this page has no PR. That's now today, of course. If enough of us comment, perhaps it'll be linked to by somewhere with enough juice and indexed. I have to say that many of the arguments surrouding Google at the moment are very chicken and egg. This would seem to be another. BB


09/03/2007 02:51 pm

thanks. i was just analyzing some websites for possible link building work and had link popularity pass issue on my list to check, but had no idea how to do that.

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