Break Our Articles on Multiple Pages or Keep Them on One Page?

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks if it is best to break our your articles or content on multiple pages or keep them on a single page.

The answer? It depends.

It depends on the length of the article. It depends if the article can be broken out in to logical subsections, where each subsection provides enough value on its own. It depends if it makes sense for your reader to click from subsection to subsection or not.

You must also keep in mind that if you have all your content for a specific article on one page, you are more likely to get more links to that one page than have them spread out to multiple pages.

Like I said, it depends.

In this case, I would listen to DigitalPoint member, WorldImpulse:

Forget google and think what will be better for your visitors?

Will they like to have one long page or 3 short pages ?

What is best for the user.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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08/29/2007 01:01 pm

This could take a little bit of tricky programming, but it is entirely possible to have multiple page "views" on the same page. All you have to do is split your content into multiple divs and set their visibility to hidden and display to none. Then, with a little simple javascript you can have the next page show up when the user wants it to. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Rob Abdul

08/30/2007 01:02 pm

Setting the div visibility to hide the content from the user may in theory work, but GoogleBot will see it a duplication of content.

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