Google Tests AdSense for Mobile

Jul 13, 2007 • 7:53 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

adsense-for-mobile.pngSelf Made Minds said he has received notification that Google is now testing AdSense for Mobile. This is a feature we have been waiting for for a while.

Google is currently sending invite emails to some publishers, to give AdSense for Mobile a try. Part of the email reads:

As part of our efforts to develop new and improved AdSense products for our partners, we will begin a limited beta test for AdSense for mobile. AdSense for mobile allows publishers to monetize their mobile websites through the placement of targeted text ads. Publishers can take advantage of the fast-growing mobile advertising market and benefit from our targeting technology.

I can't wait to hear some feedback on this.

There is currently methods for AdWords advertisers to create mobile search ads, more on that here and from AdSense over here.

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07/13/2007 10:08 pm

If Ad Sense on Mobile is using similar algorhythms to their web product (and it would make "Sense"), I'm skeptical for the results. Take a close look sometime at the listings AdSense offers on the websites you visit. Relevance is certainly spotty and very often comically related. That comedy factor will likely not carry over to the mobile where space, attention, and time are more pressured. Can't imagine the traffic for advertisers will be worth the money to Google, or the publishers.....oh yes....and to the wireless operators who have to handle the complaint calls. Bill Gee

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