Yahoo! Allows Banned Sites in Search Submit Program


A Search Engine Watch Forums thread has a member stating that although his site was banned from Yahoo! Search and was denied reinclusion into Yahoo's index, he was still able to guarantee inclusion through Yahoo's paid inclusion program.

Yahoo's paid inclusion is now named Search Submit and it is a program that allows you to send Yahoo your pages, and if approved, Yahoo will guarantee to crawl those pages often, plus give you the ability to send them more meta data.

The major issue with being accepted into paid inclusion but being denied to the normal Yahoo crawl is that they both should follow the same quality content guidelines. Yes, the paid inclusion program has a set of content guidelines. But whatever is displayed within the search results have to meet Yahoo's overall quality guidelines.

The member explained the process:

1. Banned by Yahoo!
2. Made some changes
3. Given the opportunity to participate in Paid Inclusion, which you have to be good enough for regular inclusion to participate in.
4. Attempted regular inclusion...we were told NO.
5. Looking at Paid Inclusion again because we can advertise in the organic rankings with this product.
He said, as soon as they pay Yahoo, they will be included in the search submit program.

About a few weeks later, Yahoo actually included them back into the search index for free. The member said:

We have been miraculously reincluded and we are performing very well in the organic listings without paid inclusion!

As many people know, there is a gray line as to what quality truly is. Even within organizations, one person at Yahoo can review a site and consider it "good enough" to be included, whereas someone else can say it "just doesn't meet the requirements." Is this a case of that?

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07/12/2007 11:53 am

My client did the same thing. Enjoy it while it lasts - they will remove you after a few weeks. Apparently there is some sort of delay in the review process.


07/13/2007 12:38 am

I've been working on Yahoo SSP (Paid Inclusion) for several years now, and been through the process of many client rejections by the Yahoo editorial team. I must say this story sounds fictional to me. Yahoo are extremely diligent with who they allow into the program. The SSP program actually serves as a gate keeper, and in reality it cleanses up the internet from spammy sites that use black hat (or even grey hat) SEO tactics. I think the work the Yahoo folks are doing is commendable. Sometimes things fall between the cracks, and this is probably what you have experienced, but having gone through including hundreds of websites into the Yahoo SSP program, I can assure you that there are absolutely no double standards. You can't pay your way in if you are exercising prohibited SEO tactics.

anne zinta

01/26/2008 10:38 am

Yahoo is very particular when it comes to the standard of sites and its qualification so reinclusion may be due to change in algorithm without actually being kicked out of the system, laying in the last pages of SERP. We have always followed yahoo guidelines and seem to be satisfied with our SERPs for <a rel="no follow" href="" rel="nofollow"> </a>

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