Details of Google AdWords Quality Score Via Patent Applications

Jul 9, 2007 • 9:07 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

Bill Slawski, resident patent guru, has discovered yet another patent application about Google AdWords. The discussion has been brought to the attention of the folks at WebmasterWorld. According to Bill, there are 44 factors in total that might be used in a Google AdWords quality score. Some of these include:

  • How many times a user selects a given ad in a given session.
  • A duration of time, from an ad result selection, until the user issues another search query.
  • A ratio of the time, from a given ad result selection until the user issues another search query, as compared to all other times from ad result selections until the user issued another search query.
  • Time spent, given an ad result selection, on viewing other results for the search query, but not on the given ad result.
  • How many searches (i.e., a unique issued search query) that occur in a given session prior to a given search result or ad selection.
  • How many searches that occur in a given session after a given search result or ad selection.

This information seems to apply only to Google AdWords, but the descriptions are pretty clear and many are happy to have stumbled upon Bill's post because they now have a greater understanding of the Google AdWords quality scores.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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07/09/2007 01:45 pm

Hi Barry. There are 44 examples in the patent application, but there could be more factors, less factors, or different factors that are considered when creating a quality score, if the methods described in this patent application are used. What is interesting about them is that user behavior would play such a strong role in the process.


07/09/2007 08:47 pm

Sorry, Tamar. I need to pay more attention to the names of the people posting. :) Thanks.

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