MySpace Rivals YouTube: A Comparison of Both Services

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A WebmasterWorld thread points us to a article that says that MySpace intends to launch a rival to YouTube allowing for video sharing. The new product, dubbed MySpaceTV, allows users who are not members of MySpace to share and watch professional, rather than user-generated, video.

As an example, here's a movie trailer for Behind the Mask:

MySpaceTV: Behind the Mask

All viewers have the ability to share the URL and embed the movie into their websites. They can also watch the videos in fullscreen mode.

MySpace subscribers, on the other hand, are allowed to vote (Booyah or No Way), participate in the discussion, save the movie to their favorites, utilize the "Email This" feature, bulletin/blog it, or add the videos to their MySpace profile. To access similar videos, users can subscribe to the video channel and be alerted when new videos are posted.

The services are largely similar, with some notable differences.

Both have the same pop dialog box that informs you that you have to log in to perform an operation:

This is how it looks on YouTube:

YouTube: Login to Subscribe

And MySpace's popup isn't much different:

MySpace: Login to Subscribe

Once you opt in for a subscription, it is verified. The notable difference here is that YouTube does not show how many users are subscribed to a certain channel, whereas MySpace does:


YouTube: Subscribe


MySpaceTV: User Subscribed

You can view your subscriptions and browse through them in a similar fashion on both services:


YouTube: View Subscriptions


MySpace: View Subscriptions

Rating is a little different as well. YouTube's rating system is out of 5 stars. MySpace's rating system is most like Digg -- you can either thumbs up the video or thumbs it down.


YouTube: Rating


MySpace: Rating

The other notable difference is the display of comments. YouTube does not feature user avatars in the comments system, whereas MySpace does. MySpace is already seeing spam posts, but I don't see a way to report them as Spam. YouTube has a Spam link on the page.


YouTube: Comments


MySpace: Comments

Forum members are largely excited and think this is a promising move:

...its nice to see a site become the full package.

Myspace could capture a lot of eyes from youtube if they cater to the music video providers. The video encoding quality is much better on myspace than youtube and the audio is in stereo.

Indeed, the quality of MySpace videos is better than YouTube's. I think that if they continue to focus on professional content, there is a lot of promise for MySpace.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

06/29/2007 01:38 am

Myspace looks less cluttered, but everyone's used to YouTube and YouTube's loads faster so it's a no-brainer that YouTube will continue to dominate. Myspace needs to get some contracts or start putting up real full episodes on its video aggregator (flash videos, none of that special plugins that they're offering).


07/15/2007 11:34 pm

this is a great comparism article, at first i thought myspace would not be successful if they tried to copy youtube but now i realize myspace actually has the edge, they now offer the most popular services on the internet rather than just being myspace with profiles, in the beginning users would go to youtube upload videos grab their code and put it on their myspace, now all of that is eliminated they can upload directly to myspace instead, just briliant, of course there is even a better idea by which makes embedding instant, with myspace and youtube you normally would wait several hours or longer for your video to become available for embedding ( conversion time and etc processing of the video ), but with motiono it is instant, as soon as your video is uploaded the embed code is ready for you myspace blog and profile.

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