Google Gadget Ventures: Earn $5,000 to $100,000 From Google

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Google announced the Google Gadgets Venture, a program where developers can earn $5,000 or $100,000 grants for developing Google Gadgets.

The $5,000 payout are for developers whose gadgets receive at least 250,000 weekly page views and apply for the program. To apply, you need to submit a one-page proposal detailing how you’d use the grant to improve your gadget, and email it to

The $100,000 seed investment is the step above, where developers would like to build a business around the Google gadgets platform. The first requirement is that you be part of the $5,000 grant project, after that - you need to convince Google you are worth the $100,000 investment.

There is a huge Google Ventures FAQ with more details.

Danny Sullivan has a quote, "The payoff for us is in more pageviews and users. By getting more users, we get more searches," said Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience.

We have a simple Google Gadget with currently only 1,226 users and 32,437 pageviews, so we need some help to reach the $5,000 grant. Go to this page and click on the "Add it Now" button to help our cause, of course, please tell your friends.

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06/28/2007 09:40 pm

I know this is going to have people thinking that Google is doing a great thing, but let's look at it from the evil monster who is taking over the world perspective... All I see is a way to get some ideas from people who you don't have to pay or woo with any other types of incentives or perks that a normal employee would get. Instead, they get a pat on the shoulder, maybe a high five, a "grant", and then Google will go off and change the idea up a bit and make it either profitable for themselves, or just combine it with existing stuff and those people who have never heard of this contest will just give Google the street credit for "coming up with such a cool idea!". Not to mention quickly that this whole "grant" thing seems more like a "look at us, we are not evil, we are giving away cash, our image is friendly and helpful now!" -- Reminds me of big tobacco commercials when they are advertising free pamphlets on how to stop kids from smoking, but then target them with candy flavors, heh. /rant

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