The Growth of a New Search Term in Google

Jun 11, 2007 • 10:12 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

As brand new words are coined, they may not have any results in the SERPs initially. That can all change, however, as the terms gain momentum and popularity. In a WebmasterWorld thread, a search term that initially had 0 results eventually spiked to 330 results, then 24,000, and after 72 hours, hit 562,000 results. Today, it stands at 729,000.

It is an interesting case study. Expecting rapid growth and seeing the exact numbers of HOW rapid are two different things.

Yes, it is pretty impressive to see the numbers of results climb in the SERPs.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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06/11/2007 03:43 pm

It is not real... There are "only" 300 results in Google: Google inflates citation count values when a term gains fast popularity .... Similar situation happens on seo contests.


06/11/2007 04:47 pm

I'd be interested to see if the number of corresponding searches increased in a similar fashion. Randfish has talked about predictive SEO and the growth of newly popular terms or topics is a perfect example of why that can work.

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