What Should "Search Engine Optimizers" Call Themselves?

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If you are in the business of doing SEO, what is an appropriate job title for you? I'm sure many of you have grappled with that question, similar to a member at the HighRankings Forums.

Tough question, really. I've seen people spend a ridiculously long time explaining what they do.

thanks for asking about something I've struggled with. I call myself a SEO consultant, but than I end up having to explain myself to the general population. You call yourself a plumber or a realtor and people know what you do. You say you do SEO or SEM and they get a blank look on their face.

Some people try to say that they work in "Marketing." Others, like administrator Jill Whalen, use a more specific and to-the-point title:

o the general population (like what I tell people I meet at a wedding) I just say that "I help businesses get their websites found in Google."

To businesses, however, I'm pretty much an SEO Consultant or Search Marketer.

Another good one is a business card with the following text:

WEB OPTIMIZATION The art and science of producing targeted website traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

What do you use?

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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David Eaves

06/01/2007 01:24 pm

I work on the internet! I've been down the road of trying to explain to a taxi driver what Google is before and it goes down like a ton of bricks.

David Saunders

06/01/2007 02:09 pm

I stick to just SEO and SEM now as most folks out there are just learning about what an SEO does so I'll ride with that and keep it simple until it becomes too mainstream and then see what to call myself... David


06/01/2007 02:56 pm

SEO specialist: I usually advise that I give recommendations to help websites achieve top results in SE's.

Gerry Grant

06/01/2007 03:43 pm

I have had to deal with the question of what to call myself for twelve years. If all you do is optimize for the search engines you are a search engine optimization marketing specialist (SEO). SEO is very limited and does not include the many ways that people search for content outside a search engine. If you include pay-per-click management, usability, directory submissions, electronic press releases and social marketing the proper title is search optimization marketing specialist.


06/01/2007 03:58 pm

great post tamar. if i'm in a silly mood i tell people i'm a hacker - and watch the look on their face, eyes and jaws drop in disillusion. Webster does define hacker as "an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer" which is a pretty accurate description of my profession.


06/01/2007 04:52 pm

Our company declares us as Internet Marketing Specialists


06/01/2007 06:56 pm

My title is 'director of online marketing' but nobody at the agency ever gets it right. If my co-workers aren't clear on what I do imagine how the clients feel...


06/01/2007 06:58 pm

D'oh! Left the .com off my URL (and I call myself an online marketer!)


06/01/2007 09:19 pm

I often go with a combination of the following: Internet/technical communication specialist/consultant. Reason is that I see SEO as an added communication constraint that you need to be aware of.

Amit Verma

06/02/2007 10:38 am

I am Sr. Strategist - Internet Marketing in my company..... As I need to make best search engine marketing strategies for websites. And I m happy with my position.


06/02/2007 08:49 pm

My colleagues at work wonder what exactly is that I do. I often get the question in the elevator. So for a 30 second ride I can not tell them much. I tell them I'm a student. If it is a good looking girl from the new recruitment a lunch and detailed explanation is optional ;)

Elmer W. Cagape

06/04/2007 01:06 am

SEO Specialist/Consultant, Search Marketing Professional, whatever is a widely understood title. The profession is a youngster compared to the plumbers and engineers of the world so we have some educating tasks to do to make these titles more known to the public.

James Tierney

06/04/2007 06:24 pm

I started in SEO and SEM 8 mos ago and have been my company's "Internet Marketing/Optimization Specialist" from Day 1.

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