How To Get Reinstated After Being Banned from Google AdWords

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks for ideas on how to get reinstated after being banned from using Google AdWords.

You can be banned or suspended from Google AdWords for many reasons. If it happens to you, what can you do?

Well, there is not much one can do to get their account back online and going. They can make a plea to Google via email and hope for the best. But outside of that, you may have to be a bit sneaky about getting back in.

One DigitalPoint member suggests a "false mustache." Too funny.

But in all seriousness, you will probably have to get a new credit card, under a new name and address and apply for a new account.

This is nothing new. An older WebmasterWorld thread discusses the same thing, offering similar suggestions.

My Only suggestion would be to get a new debit/credit card with a different billing address and use either your middle name as your first name. When this happenned to me (yes I was a naughty boy in my past but Im reformed now) I used my partners credit card.

But they also may ban the domain from advertising on Google AdWords. In that case, you also need to set up a new site on a new domain name.

A thread at A4U Forums has a chat transcript with a Google AdWords representative on how to reinstate a suspended Google AdWords account. Unfortunately, you do not learn anything that can help from it.

Jeremy Mayes at PPC Discussions wrote about getting caught in the crossfire of a suspended AdWords account.

To add insult to injury it looks like they've now suspended the account that belongs to the company I work for! (maybe because I've logged into my own account at work and so they've assumed that I own both?)

This happens to reference the above WebmasterWorld thread.

Forum discussion continued at DigitalPoint Forums.

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12/03/2009 06:56 pm

mine got banned this morning. they said my landing page was violating their terms and said that it will be banned for life and said that if i open a new account, they will shut it down immediately. ~Basically they said i am banned from using adwords for life and never come back. Why? just because of my landing pagE?


12/03/2009 09:17 pm

Mine got banned this morning too!!! So infuriating. Looks like they're changing up a bunch of shite and being way more strict. Well, Screw Google! I've been studying them now for years, all this wasted time learning to Optimize to please them.


12/03/2009 09:19 pm

Also, I haven't run any traffic to ads in months!! No explanation. No nothing. just a nice life-ban.


12/04/2009 05:49 pm

I just was banned from google today as well - with no reason after 2 years and 1000s of dollars - what happened? Is this a big google mistake?


12/06/2009 02:24 am

My Google Adwords Account Was Banned for life today without warning.! Had that account for years. What a joke...!


12/08/2009 03:13 am

I had my account banned as well. Google's philosophy on how it treats advertisers seems to be born out of arrogance. I switched over to Microsoft products only. After years of advertising I get this kind of treatment. Webmasters stop being after of these bastards. Speak your mind, break free from the Google Internet Prison! Everyone puts up with it because they own the Internet. Enough is enough!


12/12/2009 08:47 pm

it still did not work with me so i added deleted cookies if there anything else email me at new ip new email new credit card number new phone number new address and delete cookies


12/19/2009 05:42 pm

Happened to me too - changed all as suggested above (new IP, new name, new address, new bank details). Only thing not changed is my computer. Set up an adwords account - runs for a week or so and them gets "Reviewed" and then suspended. DOES GOOGLE HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR HARDDRIVE?

Yep, I am pissed too

12/23/2009 05:14 pm

Yes, they can flash cookie your drive. I have heard they have other ways as well of identifying your computer. This is why alot of people suggest getting a new PC as well. All this so they can probably just ban you again in a month for the same crap. Well, I did not have all my eggs in one basket but as you all know Google is the biggest basket so without them I am losing my house, car, everything. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Google. I have been working with Google in one form or another for 10 years now. Arrogant pr|cks that they are. ANd for all of you who say" good riddance" "I am glad google is cleaning up the net" please give me your address so I can send you a christmas card and photo of my homeless family. I did nothing "illegal" and resent being treated as a criminal. My account banning has caused me so much psychological stress it as started to ruin my life. Literally. My doctor is even trying to put me in anti depressents. I have tried to "roll with the punches" but I am one of those guys who had 7/10 - 10/10 quality scores and got whacked in the dead of night for "egregiousness" violations taking away a lions portion of my income overnight. Since then I have removed every piece of Google crap from every machine I have and will never use them for search again. Not like it makes a huge difference but if everyone starts doing it it will. I removed Google desktop, toolbar, and anything else associated with them. I used to recommend Google search to everyone. Now I either keep my mouth shut or tell them to use Bing.

Max Deal

12/25/2009 11:33 pm

If your Google account was suspended, either adsense or adwords, there is a solution! Visit for a complete guide on getting a new account safely and legally! No more account linking and closings for your new accounts you create. 100 percent verified Google account with the Google Stealth eBook! Try them out! I did and couldn't thank them enough!


12/28/2009 11:37 pm

- Your IP address. Easy; just reset your modem. - Your email. Obviously, another easy one. - Your credit card number. Call in and choose the "I lost my credit card" option, and your credit card company should immediately send you a new card with no questions asked. - Your phone number. A little harder, but Google never seems to call, so you probably can just enter a random number and it'll be fine. If you want to get a real number, Kall8 ( offers toll-free voicemail/forwarding numbers for $2/mo. - Your address. This is the hardest of all, but it is also completely necessary, since you must change your credit card's billing address to this new address. I've been using Mailbox Forwarding ( to get a remote address where I can view scanned copies of my mail online for $10/mo. Just sign up for an account, change your credit card billing address to to the box # they give you, and you're free of Google. and delete your cookies call u credit card compagny to let them know u lost your card, when u receive your new credit card with the same name and address but different credit card number delete all your cookies and make sure they are, reset your modem create new email, sign up under new email create campaign but cannot use any domains used in suspended account then for billing details enter number on card for the name switch first name and name and for address enter another address u know the postal code


01/02/2010 01:05 am

First of All You need to 1.) change your ip address. (change your isp or purchase premium ip hide software to change your location) Change you computer ( Google get information from your pc such like your network port,). Remember the google toolbar studies the site you visits ad so forth, ie Google nows your behaviour. Change your signup email. Do things differently. Use a friend credit card or get a new one in a different name. I hope this will help.. Remember do things differently. Check your old emails on the old computer etc. Check out this site

Thomas T

01/07/2010 05:51 am

I purchased 'GOOGLE STEALTH'. It was just a waste of money. I already asked for my money back... I got suspended last week... what a nightmare. My business is destroyed. I am so fed up I created this Adwords Banned blog:

Maria Meier

01/07/2010 10:01 am

I tried "GOOGLE STEALTH" but it does not work the information inside only repeats what other people already wrote in this forum here. I also tried to change IP address, Credit Card, Address, Phone number, still I after 1 week I got suspended again....


02/07/2010 09:38 pm

guys, join my fight against google. post your story how google screwed you up, sign up for class action law suit.

No Name

02/08/2010 10:42 pm

I purchased my copy of Google Stealth, and it works. I can assure you that if it didn't work, that you did something wrong. The ebook tells you a lot more information that isn't shown on here, and with it gives you the best deals and offers to get the cheapest services, for example, a new credit card, the cheapest UPS box, etc.... Don't go by what people say, get the ebook that genuinley will work. My account was suspended, followed ALL THE STEPS IN THE EBOOK, AND GOT BACK ON.... Don't believe me? Try it, if not you will get your full money back...

John White

02/23/2010 09:13 am

Forget google, the marketing game is changing by the day. The book you need is Rogue Marketing . This is how the big boys do it and you can too. You don't have to be a fortune 500 company to buy ad space, and this book will teach you how. It also has a money back guarantee.


02/26/2010 10:58 am

I had the same issue, I purchased "GOOGLE STEALTH" 3 weeks ago. First it worked, however, I got banned again after 1 week. I had to wait ages for my refund.


03/17/2010 11:10 am

I tried to hard to run my business without Google Adwords, however, it just does not work. I tried Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc. There just does not seem to be an alternative. I came across this guy who started this blog about how to get back to Adwords after beeing suspended, you should check it out:


03/24/2010 05:19 pm

I had several accounts with Google and they have all been banned. I tried to open another account and got stealthy about it, even did a remote desktop situation into a computer in another state in order to hide my IP address, didn't work. I masked my identity in everyway possible and still got suspended before the account could be activated. I think one of two things happened. I used a different URL, different website, but I used the same content from a site that was associated with a google account that was banned. I believe google either traced back and found the duplicate content or they banned me based just on the website. I make some of my money through adsense, but guess what, google doesn't want you to advertise a site that has adsense on it. I think any site that has adsense on it is getting banned or will get banned. I searched google for a number of keywords in my niche and found that all sites that were being promoted were virtually ad free and were selling a verifiable product or service. I did not see one site with adsense on it. What ticks me off is that google made the adsense product but doesn't want you to make money on it. Just so you know, my sites always contained up to date valid information that people could use and did use. I did not have a site that was gimicky or of poor quality, but alas it just doesn't matter.


03/31/2010 08:25 am

Its quite simple really. Google need to be hit with a biiiiiiiiiiig bloody stick......."REPEATEDLY". They need to lose their searchers and advertisers. Close those f@#$%^s down. They have hurt, if not destroyed thousands of businesses with stupid reasons on account bans. Somebody needs to do the same to them. I long to see the day Google comes crashing down.....Your never too big to fall, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Here's lookin at ya Google.


08/17/2010 02:10 pm

If Google keeps banding people from Adword they will put them self out of business. Also I hope that Oracle sue the hell out of Google.


08/29/2010 09:42 pm

My account was also banned few weeks ago, and I'm thinking about creating a new site, any one knows how Google track back the site code, or how deep I need too change it ?


09/13/2010 07:25 pm

Hey my account was banned.. too for life. I opened another one on the same computer but on different ip it was also banned.. so i downloade virtualbox and i installed a new windows x.p and i got a new internet connection and now.. its working very good.. what i notices.. google tracks.. Visit Time; IP Referrer: City state: city country Browser Screen Resolution Language Operating System. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER TIME FIRST. AND USE I.E


09/29/2010 04:11 am

Google is evil. After spending over $100,000 in Adwords, our business disputed a simple $300 in clicks. When we refused to pay, they banned us for life. After spending $100,000 with them. Our point is everyone knows there are fraudulent clicks. Google even lost their lawsuit on this. So they refuse to acknowledge this and just ban people from their sites - it's just wrong. Google knows it, but just yawns. The evil, young Silicon brat pack with billions in their bank accounts. Makes you want to give up on mankind, doesn't it?

Andres berger

02/10/2011 07:53 am

Ha,ha, What a joke. This is right Eli, but why do all this because of a fucking company that treat customers like garbage? Better to look into media buys or do SEO.

Andres Berger

02/10/2011 07:55 am

If you know which are your profitable keywords, why you don't do SEO?


04/20/2011 08:00 am

Whoa this happened to me today too. I hope i get reactivated soon... I can't understand why they can suspend any account without sending any warnings prior to suspension? Google should give more information regarding the ads and show notices and automatically stop showing some specific ad if it violates the rules, but complete permanent Adwords ban is just way too strict. This is ridicilous. Google has grown too big and arrogant and authorities should be more active in with them. They should be fined for this kind of practices because Adwords is the no 1 online advertising system. They can't treat clients like garbage.

Hwa Choi

08/30/2011 09:47 am

Yea, and after you go through all of that, your new domain and account will just be suspended again anyway. Pointless.


08/31/2011 06:26 am

Google adwords bank on seo failure - people want quick results and so pay for advertising. But for the ones that's supposedly spent over $100,000 on adwords before getting banned - wouldn't it of being a better idea to use that money on SEO? I think that kind of money can get you in top place under your search terms... Any how, also got banned recently from an adwords account that I haven't used for about 3 months, but I logged in every now and then to hopefully keep the account - didn't work I've made an excellent profit from yahoo search marketing and they are very good and act swiftly to any of your concerns. they make billions of dollars with their business, but that has not de-humanized them like some we know... many are hurt by google and god hears the cries of all his children... Out of a trillion good cells, all it takes is for one cell to infect the lot - out of millions that are hurt and take no action, all it takes is for one action, that can wipe away all tears! You'll always have that one out of the bunch - that can shake the very foundation of common belief. Cheers

Nick Bernhard

11/10/2011 08:27 pm

I was banned by Google Adwords as well. It's too bad, but life goes on, I suppose. We've put together a support community to help folks through the transition after being banned. If you've been banned, you are most welcome there:


06/03/2012 04:38 pm

Apparently, there is now a new Google attack plan against small business. They no longer JUST ban your adwords, now they also sandbox the entire website. Remember that, "we are combining our policies to make things easier to share information with all your accounts" BS that they tried to sell a couple of weeks ago - well now you know why. Furthermore, since now ALL your accounts and services are tied together, they know every website you operate and will assume that if just one of those sites is out of order in any way, then you must be a total crook - and will devalue ALL of them. This is even more insidious than an outright ban because you will no longer be able to make a claim that they "banned" you - after all, you still have your account, right? It's just that you will NEVER get any impressions for any keyword on your site. So all the SEO in the world will never help you. Your website will just slowly fade away into the dust. In the end, the only traffic you will ever get is either direct or from Yahoo & Bing. I too am now in process of ending every single connection with these evil S|o|B's


11/02/2012 12:25 am

Agree 199% bunch of frickin bs. We just got suspended too for no clear reason and had no time to fix anything. ( same day as warning email) I'm fuct now

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