How To Get Reinstated After Being Banned from Google AdWords

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks for ideas on how to get reinstated after being banned from using Google AdWords.

You can be banned or suspended from Google AdWords for many reasons. If it happens to you, what can you do?

Well, there is not much one can do to get their account back online and going. They can make a plea to Google via email and hope for the best. But outside of that, you may have to be a bit sneaky about getting back in.

One DigitalPoint member suggests a "false mustache." Too funny.

But in all seriousness, you will probably have to get a new credit card, under a new name and address and apply for a new account.

This is nothing new. An older WebmasterWorld thread discusses the same thing, offering similar suggestions.

My Only suggestion would be to get a new debit/credit card with a different billing address and use either your middle name as your first name. When this happenned to me (yes I was a naughty boy in my past but Im reformed now) I used my partners credit card.

But they also may ban the domain from advertising on Google AdWords. In that case, you also need to set up a new site on a new domain name.

A thread at A4U Forums has a chat transcript with a Google AdWords representative on how to reinstate a suspended Google AdWords account. Unfortunately, you do not learn anything that can help from it.

Jeremy Mayes at PPC Discussions wrote about getting caught in the crossfire of a suspended AdWords account.

To add insult to injury it looks like they've now suspended the account that belongs to the company I work for! (maybe because I've logged into my own account at work and so they've assumed that I own both?)

This happens to reference the above WebmasterWorld thread.

Forum discussion continued at DigitalPoint Forums.

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