Microsoft's adCenter Quality Score Update Hurting PPC Relevancy?

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I reported earlier this week that adCenter advertisers noticed a drop in traffic, which we later found out was due to them adding a quality factor to the ads displayed in

Microsoft claimed that "this improvement will ensure that we maintain a high quality of ads and relevance to the Live Search user. But the folks over at DigitalPoint Forums disagree.

One person explained that his "quality site has plummeted in the rankings, yet there are sites where the url and the landing page does not even match up." Another person added, "the pages that do rank for advertising on certain keywords that I have also bid on have poorly broken english splattered all over them." Yet another agreed, "the sites that rank at the top are utter rubbish and with urls not even matching up."

GuyFromChicago, a respected forum personality in the PPC area, has posted examples at his blog of the relevancy issues adCenter is having right now. He explains that "the ads I'm seeing being served by adCenter now are the worst I've ever seen...on any search engine," and then provided several examples.

This makes me appreciate the quality score updates both Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing has completed in the past.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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04/19/2007 04:40 pm

I don't see any problems wiht ad quality. the ads look good. the attached examples must be made up..

jeremy mayes

04/19/2007 06:03 pm

Made up? I have better ways to spend my day. The results being shown today are completely different than what was being shown yesterday. Somebody took some action...

Barry Schwartz

04/19/2007 06:12 pm

Yup, Jeremy doesn't make things up.

jeremy mayes

04/19/2007 06:28 pm

And if I was going to make something up it would be A LOT better than that:-)


07/06/2007 12:05 pm

msn is so random one day my ads show and other days it doesnt and it is never in the position it's says it's in normally 10 out!

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