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Alex Bennert, Director of Client Services, Beyond Ink is modding up this panel.

Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing is up first.

Browser Bookmarks: - Save for future reference - Difficult to manage - Navigation issues - Single location access

Web Based Bookmarks: - One click saving - Tagging - Sharing - Wisdom of crowds - RSS - Portal

Social Media consists of social news and social bookmarks.

Social News: - Digg - Netscape - Reddit

Social Bookmarks: - - Furl - Google Bookmarks

Major Players: - (high traffic, high syndication, social network, toolbar and firefox plugins, tags, folders and over a hundred hacks). He shows how works, etc. - FURL (medium traffic, med-low syndication, caches content, toolbar feature, searchable notes and export bookmarks) - Blinklist (medium traffic, med to high syndication, JavaScript features) - Magnolia (medium traffic, low syndication, rate bookmarks, grouped oriented) - Google Bookmarks (med to low traffic, medium syndication, affects personalized results, multiple ways to add, access bookmarks via IE toolbar)

He recommends is a great resources.

Ways to show bookmarks: - Text - Icon - Combination - Drop downs - Fold downs - Fold out - Pop up

Tools: - Alex King plugin for WordPress named Share This -

Tips: - Become a user first - Pick a tool - Place buttons prominently - Dont overkill it - Match bookmarks with audience - Monitor traffic - Not limited to just blogs

Todd Malicoat, Independent Search Engine Marketing Consultant, stuntdubl to talk more about

Why - It is all about the links for Todd - Being in front of a large audience, a large audience - The anchor text rocks on these sites - They are real bookmarks so you get repeat traffic and loyal visitors - This is real traffic - This helps build your search traffic by getting you more links and more impressions - These are smart, savvy, successful people who use delicious

Delicious Tips: - Coordinate the launch (you need help from others, 30 - 50 friends within a 24 hour period) - Ask friends via IM, etc... - Put the links on your site, use call to actions - Tagometer - Delicious Firefox Plugin - FeedBurners FeedFlare

Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Service is last up.

How to use bookmarking sites to boost your stuff.

Research for Social Media: - Find out what working - Find out whats not working - Discover trends - Discover key players - Identify any competitors - Find out whos saying good or bad things about you

RSS is a great tool - Its Big - Fast - Easy - Orange :)

Research on Digg: - Look to see what stories for that subject in a keyword search has been buried (if you need to know how to do this, comment) - Use Yahoo to Search on Netscape since netscape doesn't have an internal search feature - Some stories have carryover onto multiple social bookmarking sites, so watch for patterns

Research on StumbleUpon: - He explains how it works - You can see a person's profile and see what they submit

Research Using Delicious - You can see who bookmarked things - You can see what tags they used, when they did it, etc. - Delicious has networking features

Track Your Company Name and your Competitors - Rep management - Google Alerts, Google News, Yahoo NEws - Track URLs, etc.

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Joshua Dorkin

04/14/2007 04:54 pm

Thanks for the tips. I'm particularly interested in the Delicious advice.

Larry Green

04/27/2007 12:45 pm

Time ago I thought... Would be great If I have access to a social bookmarking search engine, where all links have a relevance similar to the "pagerank" algorithm, but based on people interests. I think that someone else already put my idea on rails ... :( This is the site: Larry.


04/30/2007 09:52 pm

Thank You. I find your article very helpful and interesting. Digg,reddit,delicious,stumpleupon are the best bookmarking communities.


05/03/2007 09:42 pm

how do i search for buried stories, other than clicking the check box that reads "Include Buried Stories." is there a way to filter out dugg stories and only get buried stories?


05/09/2007 12:05 am

Thank you for the great article. I do have a question regarding I understand the point of coordinating a launch, but if your site is a e-commerce site like my, rarely does it have staying power on delicious. We might get on the delicious popular page for a few days but probably will never stay there

Liz Camps

05/25/2007 05:13 pm

Thanks for this resource. I love written summaries of live presentations, they are often very helpful.


06/27/2007 05:40 pm

Is it acceptable to promote my companies sale promos on Digg,, etc...? Or should I just promote on Social Bargain Hunting sites like (AgentB, Dealigg, JudysBook)?


12/14/2007 12:19 pm

Its a good article but i am looking forward to see a person who is successfull with this stratigy.


03/22/2008 12:38 pm

This strategy is a strategy for 9th grader, absolutely waste of time. Ignore this information and google for better source of knowledge relate with it. Good luck!


05/26/2009 01:54 pm

Good summary... Social bookmarking seems to be the new internet marketing must. What's next for the internet?

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