Yahoo Email Offers Unlimited Storage

Mar 28, 2007 • 9:02 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

Members at DigitalPoint and WebmasterWorld Forums note that Yahoo is now offering unlimited mail storage. Yahoo confirmed this on their company blog, saying that it is in honor of its 10th anniversary. The unlimited quota will kick in in May of 2007.

On DigitalPoint, many people seem happy at the news:

Clever Marketing...Unlimited really sells people...

Others hope that Yahoo will increase the attachment quota that is currently set to 10MB:

i like unlimited space but i want more than 10mb attachment filesize. hope they provide that soon.

Happy 10th birthday, Yahoo!

Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint and WebmasterWorld.

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03/29/2007 04:07 pm

We have been talking about Yahoo! a lot over at <a href="">Highbrid Nation</a>. You gotta admit they have really stepped up thier game against Google. As these big companies battle it out, it just means better products for us :)

joe doe

05/06/2007 06:08 pm

I am testing out yahoos new email, hopefully the unlimited gets into effect really really soon, drop me a line @ or Thanks

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