75% of Google's Blogspot Blogs are Spam

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On a recurring theme of Internet spam, a study discussed in WebmasterWorld indicates that three out of four blogs -- or 75% -- are spam.

According to the study (PDF link):

...14 of the top-15 doorway domains have a spam percentage higher than 74%; that is, 3 out of 4 unique URLs on these domains (that appeared in our search results) were detected as spam. To demonstrate the need for scrutinizing these sites, we scanned the top-1000 results from two queries – “site:blogspot.com phentermine” and “site:hometown.aol.com ringtone” – and identified more than half of the URLs as spam easily.

Here is a chart from the study showing the "top doorway domains and their spam percentages (among the search results in our data)": top doorway domains and their spam %

The reason for this is the suspicion that the popular blogging service is free. One WebmasterWorld member states:

The trouble is, there's no algorithm that can automatically factor in the price of a service. It's free to set up a blog on Blogger, so it can be abused more easily. If these spammers actually had to pay for a new domain name every time they set up a splog, they wouldn't bother.

Other findings of this research showed the spam percentages for Top-Level Domains (TLDs):

  • 68% of .info TLDs are spam
  • 53% of .biz TLDs are spam
  • 12% of .net TLDs are spam
  • 11% of .org TLDs are spam
  • 4.1% of .com TLDs are spam

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

03/20/2007 04:02 pm

It would be interesting to see how long the typical blog lives at Blogger/Blogspot. I often find links in search results to blogs that have been removed for TOS abuse.

eye9 Design

03/20/2007 06:48 pm

It will be interesting to see if Google takes any action to address the spamming in their own "backyard." Certainly it lowers the credibility of the overall Blogger community, which is unfortunate for those who are seeking to make valuable contributions through this tool. I have considered adding a blog to my company website... this doesn't endear me to Blogger.

David Eaves

03/21/2007 12:04 am

I see em all of the time, blogspot blogs with ripped content and adsense, Wordpress isn't as bad because you can't put adsense in em, you still get a few Wordpress splogs though.


03/24/2007 11:49 am

I agree with the webmaster world statement and as long as these blog services are free we are all susceptible to splogs and links that are TOS Abuse! Google have to address the issue other wise no one will want to use there Blog platforms any more especially when there are already better ones out there like Terapad where you don’t have to have Google Ad sense on your site and their community page is clear, spam advertising free and more importantly accurate

Matt Cutts

04/28/2007 02:56 am

I'm just getting around to clarifying on this one. Here's a quick take: The MSN study took phrases likely to return spam (e.g. cheap loans) and did searches on blogspot, then saw how many of those were spam. [site:blogspot.com] is very different from [site:blogspot.com cheap loans]. :) A more accurate headline would be "For spammy queries performed on blogspot, 75% of the resulting search results are spammy." This is a pretty good explanation: http://www.goldtoe.net/2007/03/dumb-spam.html

No Name

04/29/2007 03:47 pm

Do you mean the entire blog is developed to be spam? Or do you mean that blog comments on other peoples websites are spam? I have issues with competitors posting negative things about my business...usually the same posters on different blogs and forums.

Graham Z

03/17/2008 12:53 pm

This is a shame if accurate, blogs were a new an innovative thing not too long ago and it appears, like many other things on the Internet, it has been abused.

Daniel Smith

05/11/2008 03:45 pm

I just blogged about this very subject and cited this article - I am a new blogger and when I was researching which free platform to use for hosting, the chorus seemed to suggest Wordpress.com. This article was one of the reasons I stayed away from Blogger - too much spam. But in the end I grew to hate Wordpress' free offering very quickly and switched to Blogger within a week. The way I see it, spammers will always spam, and as you mention, free blogs are going to attract more spammers than paid services. But I think a good Blog takes its identity from its subdomain and morover, its content, not from the service it uses for hosting. Ie: People come to my blog because (hopefully) I blog about interesting things and pick up legitimate links from other bloggers, and they don't avoid it just because I'm on Blogger. If you would like to read the post I wrote on the top 5 reasons I left Wordpress.com for blogger, it is linked in the "Daniel Smith" link below. Cheers


08/30/2008 10:27 pm

its a shame, blogs are becoming pure spam sites

almir bojkovic

02/19/2009 12:33 am

very interesting its sad because i had my blogs deleted

Sue Phillips

03/19/2009 01:12 am

This post started over a year ago - and there are now more SPAM blogs than ever. Do you think this will change soon with people moving over to social networking?


03/24/2009 11:54 pm

I think wordpress is just as bad as Blogspot anyway.


03/24/2009 11:54 pm

I think wordpress is just as bad as Blogspot anyway.

sushil Gangwar

03/10/2010 10:40 am

Hey do you think .All blogs are spam . How could possible coz I m also working as editor for www.sakshatkar.com. It site made as blogs.


02/08/2011 01:36 am

Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-) Just kidding, I'm a real person, but I always get this spam comment. I have recently clicked on the sites they are advertising and commenting "why did you spam my blog?" I'm probably just playing into their game.


05/02/2011 10:03 am

Elitist site owner claiming bloggers are nothing but spammers. Sha. Go fap someone.


05/04/2011 07:28 am

why spam? whether each new blog (blogspot), will be a spam blog? I do not know this.

Ben Bensen III

05/05/2011 01:47 pm

I guess it all depends on what is considered spam. If your blog's entire purpose is to sell something and only that, then I'd probably want nothing to do with it. But everybody everywhere is selling something whether overtly or surreptitiously or innocently. The audience knows when they are being sold something and it is there choice to decide. Advertisers are having a hell of a time trying to pretend that they are "word of mouth" advertisers, and people aren't that dumb to not see through the effort. This article seems posted as a way of making a buck under the guise of protecting people from spam. Hopefully, Google understands this. I have a domain name and also have two google blogs. One to share my personal thoughts and visuals, (http://graphicgumboben.blogspot.com ) and one to force myself to continue to sketch daily by sharing it at (http://sketchiethoughts.blogspot.com ) I am , designer and illustrator and both are indirectly advertising me and my writing skills as well as my illustrations, but not in an overtly, in your face or popup kinda way. There is a difference.


05/19/2011 10:09 am

http://www.offftherack.blogspot.com is my site and i have a lot of enjoyment and i hope other people can get some of the enjoyment put in by me for themselves so i dont classify that as spam!


07/01/2011 04:52 am

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