More PageRank Changes at Google?

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Last night, more new reports of PageRank changes have been reported at the various forums. Again, the PageRank score shown in the Google Toolbar is old, not up to date, and is basically for entertainment purposes only - but people still do track it.

On January 9th we reported the last Google PageRank update. It seems too soon for an other PageRank update to be happening, but anything is possible.

This is either a new PageRank push to the Toolbar or it is still some data fluctuations of the old PageRank push.

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01/26/2007 06:31 pm

Yea I noticed the PR change yesterday. I was notified via email by a website form. The link is over at my blog.

Gerry Grant

01/28/2007 12:50 am

Yahoo! has a PageRank of 9, my business site has a PageRank of 5 and my new site has only a PageRank of 3 yet you say Page Rank has no meaning and is “is basically for entertainment purposes only.” I thought it represents some kind of ranking. I suppose the fact that it is named after the founder of $150 billion company is just for entertainment. I like the PageRank system and believe it is one of many indicators of the page’s quality. Search engine marketing professionals are an important part of the search industry and enable companies to deliver much more relevant results. If nothing else PageRank is one-way Google delivers feedback to those SEO professionals. Maybe you could explain your statement, “…is basically for entertainment purposes only - but people still do track it.”

Barry Schwartz

01/28/2007 12:54 am

Since the PageRank score that is displayed in the toolbar is so outdated, meaning - the value is several months behind the true score (that is hidden to us). It should not be taken as a mark of measure, when it comes to determining how your site should rank in the search engines.

Don Young

01/28/2007 04:27 pm

I just finished my blog entry at my site and was talking about the same thing. Under affordable SEO company oregon I am placed at #1 and a PR6 is placed at #4. So just how important is PR?

SEO Baron Turner

01/29/2007 08:15 am

This persistant 'entertainment purposes' reference to the pagerank update by senior members of the SEO community is both wrong and disingenuous. Of course it's important! If a site goes from PR6 to PR3 it says much about how Google views the in bound links to the site. If it goes to PR0 then obviously it says something serious about the site. But a consistant PR score over months and years is a reassuring sign for a growing site and indicates stability and consistancy through the eyes of the Goog. Obviously the days are gone where PR has much to do with ranking - but the health of a site from the standpoint of Doctor G is signalled for us - it's a little green thermometer.

Barry Schwartz

01/29/2007 10:59 am

Bottom line, people obsess over it.


01/29/2007 01:02 pm

Yeah, there was definitely another PR update. One of my sites went from a 4 to a 5 and the referals at all of my sites went up from Google.


01/29/2007 01:41 pm

seeing december archives with pr !!


01/29/2007 01:58 pm

Yeah several sites I have dealings with have seen an increase in page rank since this latest update. Agree with Baron's take on page rank above. No matter how people try and 'discredit' page rank as being a 'worthless' reflection of a site; it's still one of the first things a client looks for and talks about, when asking 'how a site is doing' search engine promotionally wise.

Cecilia Sherrard

01/29/2007 04:00 pm

I have two websites that have stayed consistant through their growth. Steady climb up and all white hat SEO on my part. My main site has been a PR4 for quite some time with no change. My newer site goes back and forth from a PR3 to a PR4 almost weekly. I don't obsess over PR, I obsess over placement and site activity. I do look at the green thermometer however on other sites especially for linking, as I'm sure we all do. How much weight does a PR1 site have to your campaign? Even if you say PR is only for entertainment and doesn't mean much. I wonder how you view sites below a 3.

rani raj

01/29/2007 05:36 pm

One of my sites went from a 3 to a 4 and the referals at all of my sites went up from Google.

rob macleod

01/29/2007 09:24 pm

So it seems everyones hard work getting pageranks up is worthless ( cries )


01/30/2007 03:20 am

One of my sites went from a 0 to a 4 and the referals at all of my sites went up from Google's new algo. thanx google


02/02/2007 03:10 am

hope this change able to see soon in my website ... still PR4 for long time


03/06/2007 12:53 am

Only today I noticed changes in the Google PageRank on all my sites (up), then tonight it was back to what is was before. What the heck?


03/27/2007 08:31 am

Any idea when the next update will commence? speculation said that it might take place somewhere in april or something.. any idea? @@"?


09/30/2007 10:43 pm

i got pr0 to pr5 thanks


10/21/2009 07:35 pm

well pr what makes people crazy on every website, i hop google find another what to do this


12/28/2009 11:36 pm

well i am been pr 4 for over two years, when will i ecpect change

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