Google Minus-950 Penalty: Does it Exist?

Jan 12, 2007 • 9:29 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

We recently recapped the Google Minus-30 penalty discussion going on at WebmasterWorld. The topic of Google ranking penalties that seem to indicate a pattern has been revived in a new thread by Administrator Tedster, who wants to get a better handle on what people are calling the minus-950 penalty. (WebmasterWorld seems to always get to name these kinds of things).

This topic is discussed in more detail in the WMW thread, but to summarize: the question is whether the minus-950 penalty is being applied only to specific pages or keyword results, as opposed to the minus-30 penalty which seems to affect an entire site.

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Chris Beasley

01/12/2007 03:38 pm

You can find sites "penalized" for any number of spaces under the sun, it doesn't mean there is a specific penalty. WebMythWorld is well known for fostering these types of things, you should preface any such mention of them with "alleged" until someone actually provides proof or google provides direct confirmation. Otherwise all you have is coincidence, and as much coincidence exists for a minus 29 penalty, a minus 31 penalty, etc etc. It is no different from the "Over Optimization Penalty" that WebMythWorld fostered after the Florida update, that was later said to be untrue by multiple Google reps.

Chris Boggs

01/12/2007 05:51 pm

Good point Chris this is just a discussion and has not been confirmed by Google. However, if you read the thread there is some interesting thought about some sort of keyword-specific over otpimization type of penalty.

Barry Schwartz

01/13/2007 04:43 pm

I personally like documenting the larger penalty theories, it is nice to look back to historically, imo.

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