Programming Note: Vacation Until 1/17

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I just wanted to give everyone here an update. I will be going on my honeymoon this Sunday. I won't be back until 1/17 or so. Ben, Chris, Kim and Robert have all agreed to keep things going here in my absence. I do hope to check in once or twice a day - possibly sneak in a post or two when my wife is sleeping. Also, I hope to be posting pictures and experiences of the trip to Israel at my person blog, Cartoon Barry.

I pretty much will be off the Search Engine Land blog the whole time, but Danny has that under control. I will be slow with email and responding to things this whole time.

I am confident that Ben, Chris, Kim and Robert will do a killer job while I am gone. I also wanted to thank them for taking this on them.

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Erik Dafforn

01/05/2007 04:52 pm

Wow - it's about time. Have a great trip. Try to forget about all this nonsense for a little while.

Chris Boggs

01/05/2007 06:36 pm

we got your back, G-money. :)


01/05/2007 08:00 pm

Relax Relax and Relax Enjoy!


01/06/2007 05:26 am

This is time to relex. Next time you plan a trip think of sunny side of the life. You will get total relex from one island one resort from Maldives

Li Evans

01/06/2007 06:07 pm

Hope you have tons of fun! :)

Andrew Beckman

01/07/2007 02:52 pm

Hopefully you are going to the dead sea and Eilat.


01/07/2007 08:56 pm

have a great honeymoon Barry. If you need tourist tips from an SEO guy in Israel, feel free to contact me.

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