Yahoo's Panama Upgrade Does Not Bring Over Old Data from Reports


When you upgrade from Yahoo!'s Overture product to the new Yahoo! "Panama" product, the data from your reports in the Overture area will not be transferred over to Panama. This was disclosed in all the upgrade documentation, but there seems to be some confusion about this in the forums.

A WebmasterWorld thread asks why hasn't the data been moved over. It is just the way it is.

If you want old data, you will have to login to your Overture account over here and access that data. Otherwise, you are starting with a blank screen, new data set.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Casey Carpenter

01/13/2007 08:33 am

With all the money advertisers have spent they should of imported the data. They had years of data to use CTR to establish ad postioning and threw it all away while irritating advertisers. We now have to log into the old system from a different screen to see our old reports. I consider my old reports valuable and want easy access to them, the way Yahoo's new system is supposed to work this data should be valuable to them too. /irritated.

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