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A topic that is often revisited in Search-related forums is how to pick the right SEO company. This is a subject that would fit just as easily in other industries' forums, as business owners are constantly wrestling with how to best pick service-providing vendors. Since SEO is still a relatively new field in consulting, it is possible to find people that may seem to know as much about the subject as others, but in fact are lost in tactics that were successful years or even months ago and no longer carry much value.

A recent thread at Cre8asite Forums started with a member asking how to find a good SEO in the Denver area. Moderator Bill Slawski (bragadocchio) started off by suggesting local resources such as the Denver-area Craigslist. He also asked exactly what he was looking to accomplish, which is an important question to help determine of the need to outsource actually exists.

Li Evans (storyspinner) ads a good point, agreeing with Bill that looking local first may be the best method for finding someone you can work with face-to-face.

Have you contacted your local Chamber of Commerce? …Being from a small town upbringing I'm a big proponent of using local folks - sometimes the best people aren't the biggest or the priciest. A lot of time you can really find a "diamond in the rough"

If someone is worried about getting into SEO, it is best to try and schedule a face-to-face meeting in order to get a feel for the vendor that may prove priceless. Naturally, if your account is only going to generate a few hundred dollars a month, the likelihood of the vendor visiting from afar is much lower. The Digital Point thread goes on for quite a few posts and was rejuvenated in early December with some more interesting observations. Highly worth a read, and it includes some links to some other good resources and sites about the outsourcing SEO.

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Matt McGee

12/19/2006 12:16 am

There's some good info. and ideas in those discussions. This is a topic I heard so much about the first couple days of Chicago that I redid my Thursday 9 am "Big Ideas for Small Biz" presentation the night before to make sure I covered it in more depth than originally planned. And then the Q&A still included more questions about it, which I take is a good sign for our industry!


12/19/2006 08:23 am

The problem as I see it with choosing the "right" SEO firm is that they are all the same from the customers point of view. They all promise this and that, and can show some good results on couple of rankings. But the SEO focus should not be only on the technical part, I believe that it's essential to have a business knowledge, hence implement SEO as a brand building activities. I know that my clients appreciate that.

Chris Boggs

12/19/2006 02:53 pm

Thanks Matt and Pub. for the comments! Matt please post any coverage of that session that you have found, or if you send me the notes I'd be happy to add another post to the SES Chicago Archives. Pub. you bring up a good point. Many SEOs do forget the basic marketing evangelism that needs to be included in the SEO sales process. A lack of traditional marketing education/knowledge can sometimes be a deciding factor for a company when they choose an SEO.


04/25/2008 07:41 am

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