Video Demonstrates PPC to PPC to PPC Pages Via Google AdWords & AdSense Network

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A WebmasterWorld thread discusses a video demonstration of someone going from a search in Google, clicking on an paid ad and then being taken to a Google AdSense page with just ads with similar ads for the same keyword. The video goes through similar examples of how advertisers are not complying with Google AdWords Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines. Here is that video...

Now, this has been an issue for a long time. You click from a Google ad to a Google ad to a Google ad and so on.

At SES San Jose this year, we were in a car service to the Google Dance and my wife was with me and a bunch of SEMs. The SEMs were discussing this topic. I said, well, let's ask a normal searcher, aka, my wife, if she ever noticed clicking on an ad, to just be taken to an other ad. What did she respond? What is an ad?

So how serious is this issue? Well, it is serious for numerous reasons. I believe Google wants to do something about this but many SEMs disagree with me on this.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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SearcH EngineS WeB

12/15/2006 01:04 pm

The buying customer is usually right. whenever, there is a trend - it usually means a VOID exists that is causing disatisfaction among the clients - ... problems that can not be addressed any other way to their satisfaction. Can anyone blame adwords or Overture clients for finding novel ways to maximize their ROI, when for years they have had to put up with inevitable Click Fraud, and an unresponsive Google or Yahoo or MSN

Melissa Mackey

12/15/2006 03:57 pm

Barry, just FYI -- most of the examples in the video are Google Adwords ads going to pages of Yahoo PPC ads, not Adsense pages (although there are one or two Adsense sites shown, as well). The really irksome thing about the sites with Yahoo ads is that Yahoo considers them to be SEARCH partners, not Content partners. Since Yahoo doesn't offer site exclusion, advertisers are stuck with these no-quality sites if they want to advertise on and other good search partners in the Yahoo network. This is why so many advertisers are calling for site exclusion, which I understand is part of Panama. Great post, thanks for sharing! Melissa


12/15/2006 09:49 pm

Yes MFA sites will ruin the web biz.eventually.

No Name

12/16/2006 02:46 pm

Im pleased you have done up a video to show google as this has been an ongoing problem from this spam idiots creating sites to profit only from adsense. I have sent in numerous emails about these guys and finally im pleased google started looking at landing pages. Yes it has made it harder for others but ultimately its good. weldone on creating this video


12/18/2006 12:02 am

Webmasterworld - the news source for those in the know and those that need to be in the know. Obviously the all-seeing Google is aware of this. What are they going to do about it?


12/18/2006 04:59 am

I am shifting my opinions on the issue. The bigger impact to real advertisers is the increase in bids these 'garbitragers' or 'arbitrashers' cause. Onece you walk into the hall of mirrors with endless ads inside ads the only people hurt are the MFA sites that are doing the same thing. Basically the money is handed around and the engines are taking their piece with each click... the real advertisers get the searcher eventually - maybe a little road weary and definitely a little more expensively but if they are still profitable you make do. It would be nice to clear them out and I think the engines including Yahoo (who is adding site exclusion in Panama) are trying - though the inactivations are hitting everyone not just those with MFA sites.

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