Ms. Dewey From Microsoft; Ask Jeeves Who?

Nov 8, 2006 • 7:13 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

msdewey-live.jpgMicrosoft launched Ms Dewey, it is basically a very cool Flash application where you can ask Ms. Dewey questions, she will keep you entertained while Windows Live Search brings back results.

For example, if you enter in iPod, she just might make fun of your MP3 collection.

If you sit idle for a while, she will go through the different stages of emotions. From telling you to enter a query, to being playful about it, to being sad and then angry and then just giving up on you. Kinda funny.

But I dare you to enter in Jeeves or Ask Jeeves. :)

Barry at Cre8asite Forums started a thread about it. Too funny.

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11/08/2006 07:07 pm

whats the difference between US treasury notes and US savings bonds


02/06/2008 02:05 am

Will there be a Halo 4 game?


05/10/2008 05:00 pm

Microsoft, Aside from Office 2007 emulating a very idiotic Mac-like approach, which many of us truly despise… how do I truly put a wood-stake into this moronic default of 1.15 spacing, and additional spacing in Additional after similar paragraphs the default is 10 additional points of spacing. I made changes in the Word.doc, and hit CTRL-A, meaning all, make the changes of no additional line spacing, etc., and the irritating thing about it is M/S has decided it knows better than me, of what I want. I can do my own formatting! I detest the idea of M/S attempting to pre-format something for me. In Office 2003, that feature of auto-formatting is not shoved down my throat. I’ve been all thru renaming Word’s template with the “.docm” extension. Similarly, I abhor all of the added line spacing I get in Outlook emails when viewing a recipient’s email. This is detestable. Knowing that Microsoft has big-time lefty leanings to it, one would think that with their tree-huggin’ approach, realizing when one prints out all of the added “carriage returns” more of the “eco-environment” is wasted. No sarcasm here, of course. When XP-Pro was introduced you could have “Classic Mode”, akin to Windows 2000 Pro. Office 2007 constitutes too much visual noise. I don’t want my screen filled with a Mac-line interface and truly want all of that disabled. I want a single line, of File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, etc., maximizing my vertical workspace. A few extra clicks won’t kill anyone, except lazy people. I’ve found that when I import, etc. immediately Office 2007 decides to spread a one page document out to two. Leave my formatting alone!! How do I permanently kill this moronic mentality of you folks formatting my The plain-Jane approach is best. I want this feature permanently disabled!! Period.


05/12/2008 01:53 am

Al, I agree with your commentary. Micro Soft has by virtue of its market dominance set a standard by which people utilize its software and work with it. To make it more lengthy by virtue of the introduced changes makes no sense what-so-ever.

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