When Will We See Google AdSense For Mobile Sites?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks when will we see Google AdSense ads for mobile sites? Currently, you can put AdSense on normal web sites and RSS feeds. But when will we see Google add the ability to place ads on your mobile version of your web site?

I personally cannot see this being implemented in the near future. I don't think Google has mobile ads on its mobile web search platform. That has to come first. Google this technology out but it is not out there yet. Yahoo! is a bit ahead of Google on betating mobile ads. But we are still a bit away from seeing contextual based ads even being testing on mobile supported sites from Google and Yahoo!.

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10/09/2006 02:24 pm

Actually, Google was ahead of Yahoo in testing mobile ads. Remember, google has been using mobile ads in Japan now since earlier this year. Here is the press release about it: http://www.google.com/press/annc/mobile_ads_jp.html

Russell Buckley

10/09/2006 05:48 pm

Hi At the risk of being a little self-promotional, AdMob launched a similar service that allows you to run pay-per-click text-link ads on mobile websites, earlier this year. So far, it's a great success with c 200 website owners signing up, representing 300+ million pages a month for advertisers to use. Advertisers are very happy with the results so far, reporting much better results than online ads, which are already very effective. We're currently running a promotion offering new advertisers $20 free to try it themselves. Register here http://www.admob.com/300million and see it for yourself. Russell

Ray Anderson

10/09/2006 07:03 pm

Er, Google already allows mobile adwords, an dmany content providers are doing extremely well out of buying them to capture users browsing on their mobiles. Yahoo has been doing this in Europe for 18 months an dhas had great success - especially with Orange users searching for travel or adult. They recenylt extended that across more searches - working with Bango. Finally, Microsoft (aka Motionbridge) has been running paid for search with O2 and in other places for well over a year. ....

Barry Schwartz

10/09/2006 07:16 pm

Contextual mobile ads... not search ads.

Kevin Perkins, CEO Greenlight

10/10/2006 05:15 am

Publishers who are interested in a "converged advertising" solution should check out our Advertizer platform: http://www.advertizer.net/. Basically, one feed supports BOTH the desktop AND mobile!


07/13/2007 12:00 am

You finally get your wish http://selfmademinds.com/200707/adsense-for-mobile-launches-in-beta/

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