How Digg Effects Your Google AdSense CTR & Earnings

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread discusses how "getting digged" will affect your AdSense click-through rate (CTR) and earnings for that time period. often will send a user base that is anti-ads. Digg users are most likely the most blind to ads, and Google ads. If you read some of the comments in the thread, you will notice that most enjoy getting digged, but the bottom line with AdSense is not that much of a difference. Here are some quotes;

Last week I had 10k for 2 days from but the CTR was only 0.01, only positive thins is you getting alot backlinks thats it.

I'm getting farked once and i get 27K of unique on 1 day and got my adsense increase about 3 to 4 dollar but i like free backlink more, looking to get more farked!

It would beat gambling on Digg and even if you did get on the front page, the traffic would be so untargetted it would probably be a waste of bandwidth if nothing else, although it may generate some links for you I guess.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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10/06/2006 05:02 pm

there is pros and cons here. when your site get digged, your traffics will increase but it will reduce the ctr coz not many peoples click the ads. what should we do?

SEM Basics

10/08/2006 11:54 pm

I just read something similar on (at Got me thinking, what are those digg visitors good for? Perhaps you can try and get their email address, although the email campaign will have to be quality. I.e., even people want something. The trick is to find out what it is that they want and then offer it on your website. Think of it as a digg landing page -- you create an article that gets dugg and then the diggers come to your site...then what. It's just like ppc, they click on the ad, then what. Maybe you can have a free offer for a product, service, or info that relates to the topic of the article which one can get for free by signing up for it. Then, make sure that the email also relates to the theme of the article...It needs more thought, but I bet there is something to it.

weird biz

06/14/2007 05:52 am

i love seeing these different perspectives on things... from the marketers standpoint and the users standpoint... i too have noticed with my sites that diggs and farks dont add up to much in the way of ad clicks because of the type of user they are and because the traffic is not targetted.

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