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The Google Sandbox - what it was on day one, i.e. New Sites = Poor Results in Google, from when it was coined the Sandbox Effect to when Matt Cutts confirmed the Sandbox after much debate over the Sandbox, if it existed or not. In any event, most experienced SEMs understand the goal behind the "sandbox" and how it is more about the "trust" of a site (yes a site, not necessarily a specific page, imo) then about how old the site is.

Trust trust trust.

In any even, Andy Hagans has an excellent write up on how to earn more trust for your site. Heck, he named the article Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0 REVEALED: The Ultimate Guide. That name, itself, is a link baiting art - a method of earning more trust, at this point in time. This article is worth a read.

Forum discussion at JimWorld and WickedFire.

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Aaron Rubin

09/26/2006 04:47 pm

Read the Secrets to Beating the Sandbox 2.0

Chris Beasley

09/26/2006 06:54 pm

Matt Cutts said there was something that could create a sandbox like effect. Not that there is this thing that all new sites get put into. I think it is wrong to simplify it in this manner because all you're going to do is perpetuate myths & inaccuracies thanks to people who'll use this as confirmation of what "sandbox" means to them, which isn't necessarily going to be a correct concept.

Barry Schwartz

09/26/2006 06:57 pm

I linked to the content - I did not simply, I hyperlinked to it.

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