The Search Pulse Live, Sept. 5th at 5PM EST

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podcasticon128.jpgFinally, Finally, since wanting to do this since April of 2005, we will be launching our PodCast! In conjunction with WebmasterRadio.FM, we will be starting our show this Tuesday, on September 5th at 5PM (EST). The name of the show, by popular request, is "The Search Pulse."

The Search Pulse will have Ben, Chris and myself chatting about the most popular search topics covered over the past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. It will be unique in that we won't cover any search news. We only cover news and search topics that deemed important by the search community, which we figure out from the search marketing forums. Also, the show will differ from other shows in that, the method of discussion will be a lot like one of those political round tables shows or news shows. Where you have a moderator asking experts (in our case, Ben and Chris) their thoughts on the topic at hand. Kinda like Bill O'Reilly's show but only on search.

After the show airs and is archived, I will post a link to the podcast and I will also provide links to the topics we covered during the show. Much like how Danny Sullivan does the Daily Search Cast recaps.

Finally, we currently do not have the final artwork for the show, nor do we have the official show opener, as of yet. I am told this will all be finalized prior to this Tuesday.

Any comments, suggestions, questions about the Search Pulse? Feel free to comment below or post in Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

Update: Posted archive podcast here.

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kid disco

08/31/2006 10:31 pm

Sweet! There aren't enough search podcasts every week to fill up my time driving to work... This sounds like it will be a pretty cool one to add. Can't wait!

Chris Boggs

09/01/2006 01:58 am

dude kid you have to be down with the working and living in PB/LJ tip...what's up with that? ;)

Hawaii SEO

09/01/2006 07:37 am

You could have a Black Hat Spammer as a regular on the show to help keep the commentary balanced and interesting. You don't want to only have one POV. The news shows with political pundants are interesting because they disagree, debate and argue with each other once and a while. I love it when John McLaughlin yells "WRONG!" at Pat Buchanan.


09/01/2006 10:57 am

I would suggest to post the presentation and search topics in this blog as well with video clips.

Barry Schwartz

09/01/2006 11:16 am

Hawaii, I certainly hope we get into yelling matches. :) eTechSupport, nice name by the way, Chris, Ben and I are in three different locations across the US, so I doubt we can easily do video clips, but the rest will be documented and posted. I can always set up a web cam of myself, but that is boring.


09/01/2006 12:26 pm

Can't wait guys :D

Leon Schwartz

09/01/2006 06:15 pm

I'm sure that Search Pulse will be highly successful. I am sooo proud! Where's the link so that I can subscribe? PodCasts are great b/c you can listen any time, any where. Sorry for the formal English. It must be a generational thing. But maybe someone can explain Chris Boggs comment to me.

Barry Schwartz

09/01/2006 06:16 pm

As soon as I get the link to subscribe, I will post it. Thanks!


09/01/2006 06:54 pm dead link? thanks

Barry Schwartz

09/01/2006 07:06 pm

Works for me, you sure?


09/01/2006 10:26 pm

Works now yes...

chris boggs

09/05/2006 03:04 pm

haha Leon allow me to translate what I said to Kid Disco in my own version of San Diego English: "Kid Disco, I noticed that you were talking about your ride to work. Knowing that you live in San Diego, I am surprised that you do not choose to both live and work in the Pacific Beach/La Jolla area, thus eliminating your long commute or changing it to a bike ride (which is something that he possibly could already be referring-to)." Hope that helps Leon, and I am glad you are excited about the show. I am too!

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