Google Coupons & Custom Map Icon: A Deeper Look

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Danny reported that Google Maps Gets Coupons, yea so you can now show coupons to those who find you on Google Maps/Local. You know, for bridging the online and offline conversion metric... So I decided to give this a shot. Let me take you through it. Oh, at the same time, I decided to get myself a custom map icon, Ill show you that also.

1) Start Screen at google-local-coupons1s.png View Large Image

2) Online coupon page form: google-local-coupons2s.png View Large Image

3) Error I got when trying to post my toll free number with letters google-local-coupons3.png

4) The confirmation page google-local-coupons4s.png View Large Image

5) Now Google Map Icon, I logged into AdWords and edited my Local Business ad (more detail on that) google-local-icon5s.png View Large Image

6) Checked the upload your own feature (16x16 jpg, gif or png file) google-local-icon6.png

7) Preview of what it looks like: google-local-icon7.png

8) See it in action: google-local-icon8s.png View Large Image

The deal is, I cannot see the coupons... They should be under my listing on the left of this page stating, "Coupons..." but it is not... Not sure what I did wrong...You can see it in action for a search on Honey Baked Ham, 63129, and here is an example coupon. I personally do not see my coupons.

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Mike Blumenthal

08/16/2006 02:40 pm

I too created a coupon and while it is listed as active as of yesterday at 1:00 pm it still has not shown up in the listing.

Barry Schwartz

08/16/2006 02:42 pm

Let me know when / if you see your coupon. I created mine a bit after yours, yesterday.


10/06/2006 02:22 pm

I didn't know google offers coupons for google site maps. Cool feature there.


04/18/2008 07:32 am

Nice feature in this system..... Improve your AD in Google Earth and Online.....

Jennifer Berry

06/16/2008 06:21 pm

I keep trying to add an image, and I can't. When I try to use the browse/add feature, it just runs and runs but never completes. So I tried doing it through Picasa and that didnt work either, and of course there is no google help for this. Any suggestions?

Seby Texeira

12/18/2012 07:11 pm

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