Mike Grehan Leaves MarketSmart Interactive

Aug 4, 2006 • 7:03 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

Mike Grehan, a mentor and industry leader, has decided to resign from MarketSmart Interactive, you know the company named WebSourced, before that KeywordRankings. Mike has not given a reason, just that he has resigned.

Mike's company was acquired by WebSourced (now MarketSmart Interactive) back in March of 2005. On July 13, 2005 Andy Beal left WebSourced, which came as a shock to many, since Andy was the name behind WebSourced, then known as KeywordRankings. And before that Jason Dowdell left WebSourced, an other respected name in the industry. It also appears that Heather Lloyd Martin left WebSourced in November 2005, soon after being hired to work there.

This is big stuff for one of, if not, the largest SEM companies out there.

Mike, like Andy and Jason and Heather, will do just fine.

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08/04/2006 05:22 pm

I left Think Partnership / MarketSmart Interactive a few months ago as well. Poor upper management is going to drive that entire company into the ground soon if they don't get with the program. Welcome back to the real world Mr. Grehan.

Good Riddance

08/05/2006 01:57 am

I don't even work there, but know that Mike Grehan is the most pompass jackass you'll ever meet. Good riddance...

chris boggs

08/05/2006 02:19 am

"good riddance?" a true brave soul taking pot shots at one of the most fun and generous men in this industry, behind the safety of a computer screen. I feel sorry for you.

Barry Schwartz

08/06/2006 01:36 am

Leave a name, that is so rude. He has given so much to this community.

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