Does Google AdWords PPC Prices Affect Yahoo! Search Marketing's Prices?


A Search Engine Watch Forums thread begs the question, can the price increases seen at Google AdWords have an impact on the prices at other PPC engines, such as Yahoo! Search Marketing?

The logic behind the question is that while some people bids rose from a few cents to a few dollars, they may not be willing to spend that much. But they may be willing to spend half of that much. If so, would they decide to increase their bids at Yahoo! to achieve higher placement, just because they know they can?

grnidone rationalizes, "It seems that perhaps some people may not want to pay $5.00 a click base price for a google ad, and instead made their Yahoo ads more competitive."

However, he said based on the data he has seen, the price changes are a "mixture" and there is no pattern to prove his own theory yet. He would like to know if others are seeing such patterns or not. Could be interesting.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Jean-Pierre Khoueiri

08/06/2006 01:40 am

My Yahoo spend is significantly less than on Google, and therefore I get more traffic from Yahoo, but then customers ask me, why they couldn't find me in Google under "internet marketing" and I have to go through the entire SEM explanation for them. So I wonder if it’s best to split the spend between them or concentrate on one? I am happy with splitting it for the less expensive terms and focusing on one (the less expensive one) for the term that is more expensive on the competing search engine.

Alex Santander

06/12/2008 06:32 pm

I think that what matters is the fact that Yahoo is not Google. There is a saying that you get whta you pay for. Try "googling" it. You see Google is part of the lang. Yahoo almost became part of MSN

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