Google AdSense Publishers Afraid to Go On Vacation Due To "Click Attacks"

Jun 27, 2006 • 7:26 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

I found a thread at DigitalPoint Forums a bit shocking. The member said, "I am going away for a week trip and I want to take my ads off the website on july 20th, when I leave, in case of a click attack when i am not here."

Google AdSense publishers are afraid to leave their computers, afraid to go away on a vacation due to competitors or just evil-doers, clicking on their ads to have them kicked out of AdSense.

I run AdSense on a few sites and I never personally worry about this.

My question is, are those who are more likely to worry about getting booted from AdSense already doing something a bit on the wrong side? Do they run MFAs? Are they clicking on their ads in a "natural way." Or does this fear reside on most AdSense publishers that notice a nice income from the contextual advertisements on their pages? I don't know.

But if you want to see what others say, and most responses are back and forth, discuss at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Chris Beasley

06/27/2006 12:47 pm

If all you had to do is click on someone elses ads to get them kicked out then there would be a real problem with this. Google isn't stupid, they know a long time publisher isn't going to go off and do mass click fraud. Besides, one of the best things about this line of work is that you still make money while on vacation.

Paul A. Houle

06/27/2006 01:33 pm

What do these guys do to stop a click attack when it's taking place? Are they watching "tail -f" all the time? If it bothers them so much, maybe they should get a Treo with 3G service so they can watch "tail -f" at the beach.


06/27/2006 02:40 pm

A few months ago a website I participate in was banned from the AdSense program because of such a "click attack". It took weeks to convince Google that we had nothing to do with the click fraud and to get the account reactived (it takes them 2 weeks between replies..) We now have developed a script to prevent these click attacks, effictively blocking users who try to get us banned from google from our site. Finally we can spend our revenues on our holiday, without having to worry about the budget for our next vacation :)


06/28/2006 07:03 pm

I have read some about sites who have got banned due to click fraud. Mostly small sites are affected by this, those who get under 10 clicks/day . If a site suddenly get 50 clicks a day from the same person, the site is at high risk. Here is a free open source php + javascript + mysql script to prevent click fraud that I use myself which works very well.

No Name

05/19/2007 04:10 am

I have been compiling a database of those that have been victums of "Click Attacks" and will chronologically display them on my blog its interesting phenomenom as I don't know anyone that personally victum of this but I if you know anyone please leave a comment.

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