Getting Your Cat to Bark Is Easier Than Marketing To Teenagers

Jun 26, 2006 • 1:38 pm | comments (1) by | Filed Under Web Design Tips

Since the Eisenberg's new, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark, is such an insightful book filled with ways at understanding how people use web sites, I thought it best to just jump into a discussion on it. Head first.

Even if you've never read it, or plan to read it, we're looking at some of the ideas in a thread at Cre8asiteforums called Persuasion Architecture and the Art of Agreement for Website Success. I've been taking notes on the book, to write an official review. It's taking longer than normal because I'm not skimming it. I'm enjoying every page.

One of the key points raised in it (and believe me, there's a ton of them), is that our site visitors have agreed to come to our sites. They weren't dragged there. They volunteered, often based on massive marketing efforts. They can just as easily click right off, unless the web page has something they want. This situation can be something as scary as asking a teenager to view a web site during the summer, that is about teens and educational stuff. If you've ever tried to get a cat to bark, or a teenager to go anywhere besides MySpace on the Internet, you will understand why you need to read this book.

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