Are Google Advertisers Opting Out of Content Network: Dropping AdSense

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks are the good advertisers jumping ship? Are Google AdWords advertisers either turning off the content network option and only advertising on the search network, slowed their advertising down due to the content network performance and/or completely "jumped ship" from Google to another advertising model or network?

Why is this speculation taking place? Well, hundreds of Google AdSense publishers are reporting a noticeable slump in earnings over a set time period.

Some believe that the whole contextual advertising model is doomed unless Google or someone else comes up with a method of thwarting MFAs (made for AdSense sites).

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jaimie Sirovich

06/21/2006 03:13 pm

This happened to me, exactly. I'm done with the content network. Furthermore, in order to evaluate whom your ads will be placed with, you must actually start the campaign and pay for the garbage traffic. I turned this off long ago.

Paul A. Houle

06/21/2006 05:40 pm

In the past we've seen advertisers that bid up the price of certain keywords to absurd levels. I think that advertisers might be wising up... There might have been a honeymoon with adwords that is coming to an end. MFA, web spam and all of that is tough to control, and may well be the end of Google. The trouble with any attempt to filter is that the people who'll put the most effort to pass the filters are the spammers... E-mail spammers were the first people to use SPF.

Jonathan Mendez

06/21/2006 08:35 pm

Inmy experience having content on drives down every metric. When clients are paying you to hit CPA numbers turning off content is almost always a good idea. AdSense really has put Google in pickle.

Chris Beasley

06/21/2006 10:01 pm

I think some of the downturn in Adsense revenue can be explained by surfers simply becoming used to it. The font & format of Adsense is ubiquitous enough now that users can automatically turn it out, much like 428x60 graphical banners. One thing that'd help I think is if Google allowed us to remove the "adds by google bit" atleast some of the time, and if you could change fonts (even if you had to choose from a predetermined set).

C Crawford

06/22/2006 12:15 am

I agree with Chris as far as surfer's getting used to the adsense ads. Just like banner ads of the past, most smart surfers simply just don't see them anymore. That coupled with the fact that most of the top SERP pages today seem to lead to endless circle jerks of adsense pages that lead to more adsense pages sets off many red flags for me. The cash cow's teats are drying up... C. Crawford <a href="">Webhosting</a>


06/22/2006 07:54 am

I guess this is because the increase in number of publishers has been significantly more than increase in the number of advertisers. So even if the advertisers are not leaving adwords, more publishers are joining adsense so revenue PER publisher is down..

Ross Dawson

06/22/2006 05:02 pm

We are very pleased with Adwords but turned off the Adsense option some months ago. The conversion rates were terrible and monthly 'spikes' on certain keywords showed something funny was going on. We put the Adsense money into Adwords instead.

Angelina Bachello

06/27/2006 02:29 am is already launching a search engine with no click fraud. I do not trust Google because they already said that this new adsense program will not only decrease the publisher’s commission but it will also increase the cost per click for EACH KEYWORD on Google adwords. Meaning it will cost us more money to advertise on their search engine. When Google brings a so called good news, there is ALWAYS an evil side effect and the advertisers are the ones who pays the price. I don’t trust google at all!! Angelina Bachello

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