Microsoft adCenter Support Horrors

May 18, 2006 • 8:21 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Microsoft Bing Ads (formerly adCenter)

Microsoft's adCenter is now out of beta but the support team doesn't think so. You should read some of the reports at this or this and even this thread from WebmasterWorld Forums.

The first thread has six of six members complaining about how poor the adCenter customer support is. Here are some quotes;

If I had to rate adCenter support on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being best, I would be generous at giving them a 2.

Yes the telephone support people are horrific - I actually kind of feel bad for them because look how bad the product is. I'm just not going to call them anymore

Overall it has been a terrible experience. 1 outta 10.

Yeah this program has no business being in business in its' current state.

The second thread shows how an old help page had a number for pre-beta period for Singapore-English support. He called the number and got someone's, what appears to be, a Nextel cell phone voicemail box. That page has now been removed.

The final thread reports the help feature on the adCenter page does not work.

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Bill Carter

07/05/2006 02:47 am

BEWARE. I joined adcenter 2 weeks ago and set a monthly limit of £60 to start with. Withing 24 hours my account had risen to £268. I phoned their help center and they apologised and said it would be sorted as soon as possible. Mean time, they had taken £39 from my credit card and have attemted 6 times to take the balance from my bank at a cost to me of £10 each time to stop it. They claim they cannot stop the bank requests untill they have sorted out the problem, even though they admit the overcharge is their fault. They have also refused to refund the money they took illegally from my account. They will only credit it to my account. As I do not wish to continue with ad center, this is nno good. To date, they still have not sorted out the problem. SO BE WARNED. Ad Center will take your money illegally and not give it back. Do not join ad center.

Taylor Bryson

07/20/2006 01:38 am

Microsoft adCenter is perhaps the slowest most buggy ajax application I've ever encountered. Really! I've had nothing but problems. The system is REALLY slow, filled with bugs (like rotten doggy doo), and the support is like a nightmare (really horrid). DO NOT waste your time. I already wasted mine. Microsoft AdCenter is terrible.

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