Yahoo! Search Places Yahoo! Buzz on SERP Pages

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DigitalPoint Forums reports that Yahoo! has added, what seems to be a totally irrelevant feature, to the Yahoo! Search results page. It does not work in all browsers, so it seems to be one of those tests, it works in Firefox. Do a search on anything, I did it on yahoo and you will noticed this big box with a yellow/brown header on the right side named "Buzz Popular Searches" and it constantly refreshes with popular searches ranked from 1 though 12.

The Yahoo! Buzz Index "is the percentage of Yahoo! users searching for that subject on a given day, multiplied by a constant to make the number easier to read." But what does the listed searches in the buzz index have to do with my search query on "yahoo?" I have no idea!

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Neil Patel

05/01/2006 04:45 pm

Yahoo needs to stop cluttering their search engine with features that 80% of the people will not use; instead they need to concentrate on making their results more relevant.

Kieran Hawe

05/01/2006 07:34 pm

I guess some people might find it cool but how useful is this really?


05/03/2006 02:41 pm

Perhaps this is a smokescreen for new features that Yahoo! Plans to roll out... something like Google base?


08/21/2007 09:53 pm

yahoo should make a messenger that u can just pick what u want to install so that u don't have all those optoins that slow down messenger. chat just needs to go back about 2 yrs when it was working just fine.

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