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Yesterday, I posted about a zdNet blog entry where the author feels Google is beginning to make a play at the travel search engine vertical. His reasoning, really quickly;

  • A job posting for a "Google: Senior Account Executive, Travel Vertical."
  • The keyword "Vertical" used in the job title
  • Orbitz being open to buy and located in Chicago, the location of the job opening.

It would not surprise me if Google did go after this market. As I explained Google has added OneBox results with links to Expedia (the default), Hotwire, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity. Try a search at Google with the syntax AIRPORT CODE to AIRPORT CODE like JFK to YYZ and you will see the OneBox results.


We have the forums discussing this as well, how Google will monetize it (AdWords) and how they may implement it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums.

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04/18/2006 06:29 pm

I think Google added this feature a few months ago, I first noticed it last month. Even in France, as posted on my blog they provide the same kind of feature, but with the national train company (SNCF). If you type in something like "Paris Marseille" the first link is a shortcut to the SNCF booking page. I just don't know how they are charging them..

Barry Schwartz

04/18/2006 06:43 pm

Nadir, I did not say that the OneBox results was new. I said that is how it currently works. But there is suspicion that it will change, with a branded Google Travel. Much like how Google changes its financial OneBox results to Google Finance specific.


04/18/2006 08:51 pm

My bad, ;-) sorry I didn't read your SEW post, I thought some folks thought this was new. Yes, I wouldn't be surprised to see a separate Google Travel search engine either.


04/19/2006 07:25 am

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04/19/2006 09:15 am

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